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Whacky Wiki Wiki

Stopped by a cop? Don't plead. Confuse 'em.
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You’re tooling down the road a little too wiki wiki (Hawaiian Da Kine for “Quick, Quick”). A siren sounds behind you. You pull over. A sure ticket, right?

Mr Wiki Wiki to the rescue. Just pop the CO2 cartridge and Mr. Wiki Wiki inflates in the driver’s seat while you scoot over to the passenger side. When the cop arrives just look innocent. If pressed, answer in Russian.

Also available as Ms Wiki Wiki, complete with mini skirt. Both Mr.and Ms. Wiki Wiki include nationwide listing of bail bondsmen.

MauiChuck, May 16 2005


       But, cops are smarter tha....   

       Whoa!!! Nevermind. Great idea! [+]
daseva, May 16 2005

       But I don't speak Russian.
Machiavelli, May 16 2005

       And the officer does, and is highly allergic to CO2.
normzone, May 16 2005

       Simpler solution: keep a small pet ant in the glove box, and simply perch him (or her) on the steering wheel as you slide into the passenger seat.
Basepair, May 16 2005

       Alternate solution: When cop comes to door with ticket book in hand, pop out your picture phone and get his picture with Mr. Wiki Wiki. Then hold your finger over the speed dial button. Maybe he'll go away.
MauiChuck, May 16 2005

       // ... but I think sometimes, speed laws and parking laws are nothing more than revenue generators.//   

       Really? Wow! Never thought of that. Gee whiz.   

       And it was The Brau Who say "Kau Kau."
MauiChuck, May 17 2005

       All I can say is dont try this in any of the countries of the former Soviet Union or you'll get some wiki, wiki ass kicking.
maximus5, May 17 2005

       You have my vote for this idea. After all this is HALF-baked ideas isn't it?
Willie333, Sep 29 2005

       Original half-baked invention ideas. Stress on the "original" part. I don't think a blow-up doll, no matter how decorative or cleverly named, qualifies as an original invention.
bristolz, Sep 29 2005

       A good trick to try when pulled over is to hang your bare ass out the window, start reading a newspaper and pretend you're confused, thinking it's one of those new roadside proctology exams. The cop will be both complimented that you think he's a doctor and too embarrassed to admit that he isn't, give you a quick exam, ask you to cough or whatever, and be on his way.   

       Works every time.
doctorremulac3, Sep 30 2005

       Reminds me of that Steven Wright joke where he says he likes to put the car on cruise control and go and sit in the back with his friend and wait to get pulled over.
mecotterill, Aug 10 2008


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