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Upside down Underwater Bowling

Spare me...
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What I thought Air Bowling might be from reading the title.

The pins are inverted buoys hanging beneath the surface of the water, designed to remain vertically oriented until bumped by a few degrees which causes the air contained to tip the pin sideways.

The ball is a vortex ring launched from the palm of your hand. You control the speed of the launch by the amount of force being applied. An accelerometer in your bowling glove senses when forward movement ceases and fires the vortex ring at the exact second of the end of your swing.
This is important because, you might not know this but, vortex rings will ricochet off of the under surface of water just like bouncing a ball on the floor so if you release your swing either too early or too late you will not hit the pins.


       Shut up and take my money!
doctorremulac3, Aug 13 2022

       + If played in Australia would it be * down under upside down underwater bowling* ? Well yes it would.
xandram, Aug 14 2022

       That's hysterical, xandram.
blissmiss, Aug 14 2022

       it’s good to laugh bliss.
xandram, Aug 15 2022


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