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Testicular bagpipe implants

Even I am crossing my legs at this point
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Well, it was the logical next step.

Suffice to say that..no, maybe I`d better just leave this as it is..

not_morrison_rm, Aug 31 2014


       I have so much material for this... but I can't use any of it in mixed company of unknown maturity ;)
Skewed, Aug 31 2014

       Well, if in combat somebody got kicked there you could tell if they'd had it installed.
normzone, Aug 31 2014

       And the next logical step, the Squeezebox.
marklar, Aug 31 2014

       So now everyone knows what's under the kilt ...
8th of 7, Aug 31 2014

       What do you use for the chanter? You know, the long thing you finger?
pocmloc, Aug 31 2014

       pocmloc see Skewed
blissmiss, Aug 31 2014

       I think I'm just going to leave this as it is, for the gotterdamerung option...   

       So, this is how Oppenheimer felt after inventing pot noodles.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 01 2014


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