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"Minimum wage diet plan"
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Instead of getting surgery- which is painful and risky (1/500 dead and probably most of them have some pain?) - the fat person hires minimum wage workers to attend 24/7, and every time extra food is picked up, the worker uses the Taser on his employer (fringe benefit). After a while it probably would not be that painful- people can be fast learners. Discomfort is how the surgery works - you eat an extra bite and you get pain and often vomiting. Is the Taser really worse (considering there is no risk from surgery or from anesthesia, plus you eventually learn you can do pretty much anything you set your mind to (with a little help from a guy with a Taser). There would be a problem with the employer bribing off his worker- so some kind of internet surveillance may be necessary and a prize to anyone who reports job negligence.
lewstanley, Oct 10 2016


       We will pay minimum wage to taser fatties. Where do we sign up ?
8th of 7, Oct 10 2016


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