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The Condiment Swirl

The Ultimate Spread.
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For quite a while stores have been selling peanut butter and jelly swirls. People who use these mixtures can spread all the ingredients of a PB and J from a single jar. This, to me, has always been a brilliant idea.

Recently, I've been wondering why our friends in the food production idustry havn't tried this idea with other products. Why not make a Ketchup and Mustard swirl so people can double their hotdog efficiency. Or for the mexican food lover, why not blend the flavors and textures of Nacho Cheese and Salsa. The possibilities are infinat.

Some of you may think this idea is gross, or even flat-out wrong, but next time you're making a pizza think about how much easier it would be if the tomato sauce was swirled right into the cheese.

RattyMcfatty, Jan 05 2002

The Savoury Marmite and Butter Swirl? http://www.halfbake...20Buttery_20Marmite
[jonthegeologist, Oct 04 2004]

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       I used to be married to a condame, as it turns out. Idustry my aquarium infinatly.
thumbwax, Jan 05 2002

       Ketchup and mustard sound eminently combinable; they have similar textures in their squirty form and they're thick enough to sit well together. Processed cheese spread and salsa might work if you got the consistencies right. But I like my cheese on top of my tomato in pizzas.   

       If I give you a croissant, will you promise to use a spell-checker?
pottedstu, Jan 05 2002

       There is a collector's marble called the Ketchup and Mustard Swirl . . . .
bristolz, Jan 05 2002

       In Australia, Masterfoods produces a tomato mustard which is basically a mixture of american mustard and ketchup - it's a really odd orange colour but tastes fine. There's also a milky way chocolate/hazelnut swirl spread.   

       The peanut butter and jelly combination turns my stomach though.
madradish, Jan 05 2002

       I'll buy it if you can get mustard, ketchup, and sauerkraut mixed together. How about pre-mixed melted icecream and chocolate syrup - Now with sport top for easy drinking on the go! (Play as hard as you want; now, there's melted icecream for when you need it most!)
Alouette, Oct 13 2002

       I like ketchup and mustard together, but not swirled together - they'd turn orange, as [madradish] mentioned. I'd like to see these in a single bottle with a divider in the middle and the nozzle divided as well, so when you squirt, you get red and yellow swirls.   

       And yeah, spell infinite right, please. :)
XSarenkaX, Oct 15 2002

       Hey Sarenka, that's a cool idea!
madradish, Oct 16 2002

       This all assumes that everybody prefers the same mix between ketchup and mustard. I much prefer to have seperate ingredients and then mix them to individual requirements.
DrBob, Oct 16 2002

       Ketchup and mustard is the perfect mix for Corndogs. Mmmm.
tchaikovsky, Aug 20 2003

       [DrBob]: With all due respect, not every product will be for every consumer. Apparently, you would not buy it because of your preferences for condiment portions. But, I might venture to say that there are enough folks out there who would like equal amounts of certain condiments on their foods, and would be willing to try a product like this, no?
XSarenkaX, Aug 22 2003

       What might be better is a caulking-gun-type device which accepts two tubes at a time. Tubes are available filled with whatever the market demands - mustard, custard, ustard, mayo, ketchup, marmalade - and the device is adjustable to provide the proportions the user requires.
angel, Aug 22 2003

       i half-baked this marmite and butter swirl, which is along similar lines. [see link]
jonthegeologist, Aug 22 2003

       I would pay good money, even if I had to pawn my hand-cranked gatling gun, to see supermarkets sporting those DIY store paint-mixing machines that would allow a consumer to make their own bespoke condiment mixture.
AlanS, Aug 29 2004


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