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HB @ uTube

Something entirely different
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I think halfbakers have the talent needed to entertain the world (or at least the weird).

That said, I say the world needs a halfbakery show.

It doesn't have to be professional, just witty and not-altogether-unprofessional in a not serious way.

We have the best people for the job. We have the best material for the job. All we need is a rock solid format to keep the show unpredictably predictable enough to never know exactly what will happen next yet be somewhat organized enough to know what's going on sometimes.

The format is simple. Halfbakers present ideas, go a little into the real-world research and application of the ideas, as well as fictional representations, and then try humorously and half-heartedly (but not half-assedly) to bake the idea, despite the ridiculous challenges or obvious impossibilities therein. Other segments can be thrown in as deemed fitting (for example "Is baking this such as good idea?", which would go into the possible ramifications of an idea (I think sci-fi "mini-feature" showing what might happpen would be best for that)).

The execution is vaguely collaborative. Episodes are made each with different people as the main contributor in video response to one another, and in cooperation with whoever they can get to cooperate. The result is of course hosted on YouTube or a similar service.

Spacecoyote, Aug 02 2008

Turbo Encabulator http://www.youtube....q7o&feature=related
[Amos Kito, Aug 02 2008]

Bonjour Videos_20of_20Ben_2..._20the_20Halfbakery
Ben Frost, artist examplere, does axactly this. [theleopard, Aug 02 2008, last modified Oct 21 2008]

Retro Encabulator http://www.youtube....-N4&feature=related
They've come a long way [doctorremulac3, Sep 10 2008]

Professor Denzil Dexter http://www.youtube....TUs&feature=related
Our spokesperson. [wagster, Sep 10 2008]

My channel http://www.youtube.com/user/nineteenthly
(which is complete crap) [nineteenthly, Sep 10 2008]


       I am willing to be an electronic eminence grise for this endeavor, providing the grist for the baking mills that Yote thinks would be good on TV. In essence, doing exactly what I am doing now. I should be represented on camera as a backlit, crag-browed silhouette. with my ideas read aloud by George Page, the narrator for the Nature series.. Then periodically during the attempted baking of the idea, my silhouette would again appear to say, "Yes, Yes, just so," or offer wildly impractical business advice.
bungston, Aug 02 2008

       As long as you wear a chef's hat.   

       The style I'm envisioning is Monty Python meets Mythbusters meet Halfbakery. Therefore I think there should be gratuitous explosions and napkin sketches. And the idea should be discussed over tea and biscuits. The narrator should have a British accent of some sort.
Spacecoyote, Aug 02 2008

       Please note that the old style Turbo Encabulator has been replaced by the newer Retro Encabulator.   

       It's funny how technology marches forward and makes yesterday's state of the art look silly by comparison.   

       (See link)
doctorremulac3, Sep 10 2008

       Jamie from Mythbusters (the dude with the beret) is the antithesis of Monty Python. He is the heart of the show, in my opinion. Serious, unflappable, skilled: he provides the perspective from which crazed ideas can be systematically evaluated, without the entire endeavor turning crazy.
bungston, Sep 10 2008

       I'll call Prof Dexter (link) and see if he'll act as anchorman. If not we'll have to use Heinz Wolff.
wagster, Sep 10 2008

       I've thought about doing that and even got a storyboard together, but i appear to be completely incapable of making watchable videos, despite the fact that a number of my daughter's friends, who are quite young children, seem to find it easy. See my pathetic offering at the link.
nineteenthly, Sep 10 2008

       //rock solid// This part might not be our forte.
pertinax, Sep 11 2008

       Instead of George Page, I want Dr Remulac to read my ideas aloud. Crag-browed silhouette with toque stays the same.
bungston, Mar 20 2009


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