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The Swinging Action Pendulum Clock

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When someone is on a swing, they usually adopt certain body movements to transfer the motion which maintains the pendulum action. In my experience this consists of a pulling on the chains/ropes accompanied by a stretching out of the body and legs.

It is this movement which is replicated by the little figure in The Swinging Action Pendulum Clock. You can choose either a boy or a girl to sit on your pendulum seat. Their arms, legs, body and head are connected by an array of rods that run up along side the two sets of chains on which the seat is suspended.

Now instead of a dull pendulum travelling to and fro to enable the clock's escape mechanism, you have a swinging figure to look at, flexing and stretching in perfect harmony with the tick-tock motion.

xenzag, Apr 30 2012


       Weeee! [+], especially if the pendulum is entirely powered by the swinging figure.
swimswim, Apr 30 2012

       [+] trapeze artists would be good as well...
erenjay, Apr 30 2012

       [+], the motor's in the figure.
FlyingToaster, Apr 30 2012

AusCan531, Apr 30 2012

MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 30 2012

       [+]. Great for pendula parties, with a few modifications.
4whom, Apr 30 2012

       A clock that FJ missed?
RayfordSteele, Apr 30 2012

       There will never be a clock idea that doesn't somehow bring us back to FJ. How very poignant. As for the idea, a back and forth bun.
blissmiss, May 01 2012

       Can I have the Tarzan-swinging-on-the-vine version? With Tarzan yodelling on the hour? Man, someone's got to build this.
AusCan531, May 01 2012


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