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The Fart Lamp

Little open-flame safety lamp for bathroom duty
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You finish your business in the water closet, when suddenly you are gripped with the realization that there's still a bit of a damp hum in the air. No problemo: you simply reach out to the little lamp on the wall or the sink, press a button, and, like a cigarette lighter that simply stays on as you release, it removes remaining methane odor from local atmosphere then shuts itself off. Perhaps not as efficiently as a negative ion generator, perhaps not as cheaply as free paper matches, but stylishly. Disadvantage: Your friends will all want to test it.
cloudface, Mar 05 2004

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       We call those things 'candles'. When the wax is exhausted, it even turns itself off. The on switch is optionally removable for use in also turning on barbecue grills and cigarettes.
BigBrother, Mar 05 2004

       Yes, yes, a candle--but, see, this has the advantage of being a <ital>gizmo.<ital>
cloudface, Mar 08 2004

       How disappointing I clicked on this one, thinking that it was going to be an invention for a fart-*powered* lamp. :-)
claidheamdanns, Jan 08 2005

       Yeah... fart lamps are one thing, but what about fart clocks!? Just keep the custard to a minimum.
zigness, Jan 08 2005

       Fart clocks? What about the atomic fart clock?
normzone, Jan 10 2005

       I envisioned a lava like lamp, with bubbles that would ignite when they reach the top.
jaksplat, Jan 10 2005


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