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The Fashion Police

Obvious really, but I think it would make a entertaining comic strip
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StyleMan boards crowded commuter trains and kneecaps a man wearing white socks with a dark suit. He goes on to use his flamethrower on a teenager's huge, baggy, flopping-on-the-ground-collecting-dogshit-and-fag-ends flared jeans. He shows no mercy towards those wearing cheap t-shirts with huge "CK" or "Tommy" logos on them or replica football strip.
ColourCoordinationWoman accosts man wearing brown shoes with a black suit and whips out her handy can of black spray paint. She goes on to sort out some loudly-dressed French students...
LycraGirl, armed with a huge samurai sword, slices in half those whose physique does not qualify them to wear lycra (US: spandex).
hippo, Jun 06 2001

(?) Some examples... http://fashion.abou...blfashionpolice.htm
[hippo, Jun 06 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       ...and when they argue with each other. Who will smite the wearer of leopard-print lycra? StyleMan or LycraGirl?
hippo, Jun 06 2001

       I think you're referring to GratuitousTattooFashionVictimMan, a friend of The Fashion Police's.
hippo, Jun 06 2001

       I think the tattoo thing is supposes to be a sign of rebellion more than anything else, it can't be a fashion statement, as fashions change and tattoos can't once applied (unless burn scars and grafts become fashionable).   

       You can take small solace in the fact that the children of these people may rebel by having peachy clear skin throughout their lives?
Spidergoat, Jun 06 2001

       [Spidergoat]: Funny how 20,000 people all rebel in the same way.
angel, Jun 06 2001

       I would like to put forward the theory that the youth of today is operating with a hive mind.   

       Anyway, I'm sure we have all made the same mistakes with clothing (not tattoos here, for reasons I touch on above). I have plenty of photographs of me in my youth wearing clothing that make me "crimp" now.   

       What about a caveat allowing people under the age 0f 23/25 to be exempt?   

       This of course means that Peter Stringfellow, Janet Street Porter and Bette Lynch should be put to the sword immediately....   

       ...not a bad thing.
Spidergoat, Jun 06 2001

       fashion, fashion...what is that? i mean everyone has thier own idea's of whats hip or not...so ya see i don't think that fashion is a topic but more of an opinion. if i had it my way anyone who has more than enough skin showing would be pelted with rotten eggs....right after being thrown in a cage with rabid monkeys. bottom line-if you want to rebel against your parents then chain yourself to a tree..........
kei, Jun 08 2001

       My Parents aren't trees though...
barnzenen, Jul 02 2001

       Wow... I'm glad my fashion statement is a purple cotton t-shirt reading: Chemistry Camp 2005. Do the fashion police pick on people who, like me, have absolutely no taste whatsoever?
froglet, Jul 28 2005

       //people who, like me, have absolutely no taste whatsoever// Oh, Froglet, how can you say so? You are an English schoolboy--you probably taste like mouldy library paste.
baconbrain, Jul 29 2005

       Who handles the black teeshirt under a pink polo under a white polo with both collars up?
moPuddin, Jul 31 2005

       If it promises to get rid of chavs i vote for this
Psycho Moody Drama Queen, Jul 06 2006


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