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The Fudgester

She knows your weakness
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This superhero stands 4' 8" (1.4 m) tall in her orthopedic sneakers, has a bluish-white invincible perm, and lugs a beige purse half as big as herself. Her costume is always a pastel pants-suit (powder blue, rose, yellow) and 'tasteful' paste jewelry.

Superpower: Always knows exactly what kind of fudge you crave, and always has some in her purse neatly wrapped in waxed paper 'specially for you. Chocolate, vanilla, divinity, peanut butter, maple, you name it.

Able to defuse the deadliest situation, ease migraines, and delay evil supervillians just long enough ("Oh here, dearie, have another, one more couldn't hurt") for the good guys to arrive.

Sidekick: Milkboy, who's only 8 years old. "Hey, mister, wanna drink of milk to wash that down?"

Dog Ed, Jun 23 2001


       DE, you'll have 'em at "divinity".
The Military, Jun 24 2001


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