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The Independent

Rental of Independent Films
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I think a store that rents out independent films exclusively would be really cool. The store members would rate new arrivals (for free, because they're members) and then the films would go to the pay shelves if they were good enough. If it enjoyed enough rentals, it could go to the other franchises in the chain (this store would be awesome as a chain) and possibly get screened in a backroom theater. A combination theater and rental place. If you wanted to rent a film currently screening, it would cost a bit more. And stuff. Is this a coherent idea? I like it anyway.
Eugene, Oct 04 2004

Wired (October) http://slashdot.org...sid=04/10/05/185236
talks about the economics of this. [neilp, Oct 06 2004]

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       Not a bad premise, but would you not get the same 'niche market' effect from the store and its members that you currently get in advertising of films (i.e. independant - no money)?. I am assuming that you want to get the independent films 'out there' with minimal advertising.
I'm all for the idea if only for Subway. And stuff.
gnomethang, Oct 04 2004

       I see two ideas there. First is an independant-only rental shop. I'm not a fan of that. My corner video store has a huge library of independant films, which I enjoy. However, some days I don't see anything the suits my mood and turn around to face the regular rentals.   

       The second idea is a rental shop / screening room. That idea's not bad. Not much benefit over a regular independant movie theatre, but could work.
Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004

       i love this idea. The only video store we have 'round here is Blockbuster and they rarely carry the indie films - Spouse and i would patronize a shop like this every week.
elfling, Oct 05 2004

       In my town there's a small chain of video stores which specialize in stocking independent/world cinema films. They still have all the usual hollywood stuff, but their selection overall is second-to-none.
lyserge, Oct 05 2004

       During the first three months of this year I lived in a small beach town in México, where I worked in a tiny video/book/surfboard store called "Cinemar", which they did just that: rent and screen indie movies from all over the world.   

       There should be more places like that. +
Pericles, Oct 05 2004

       there's a great article in Wired magazine (October) about the commerical benefits of stocking unpopular products, synopsis:
there's a bigger market for obscure things than 'popular' things, but it's geographically disperse. If you can get around that problem, it's a great idea.
neilp, Oct 06 2004

       I think something I forgot to mention was that this would be a good way to let independent filmmakers with actual talent get their films "out there" as gnomethang said.
Eugene, Oct 06 2004


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