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The Kirk Douglas Tissue Dispenser

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This replica of Kirk Douglas's head sits next to your bed. Eminating from his dimpled chin is a tissue. As you remove it to wipe your nose, clean messy spill etc another one appears behind it - much like a normal tissue box. If the head is plugged in and the switch is in the correct position, his mouth will quote a line from 'Spartacus'.

Sometimes however, the left side of his face does not respond effectively.,

benfrost, Apr 28 2005

is he recovered from his stroke? http://www.brandrep...gladiator-ad-pepsi/
[po, Apr 28 2005]

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       Each tissue could be printed with a head-shot of a different random Roman slave-rebel, with the quote, "No! I am Spartacus!" printed underneath.
Soterios, Apr 28 2005


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