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The Living Chair

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Bamboo grows very quickly. Assuming it grows at a uniform speed, it would be possible to cut out the shape of a chair out of living bamboo. This is likely to be cooler than your average chair because those babies are pumping water throughout themselves.

Your living bamboo shaped chair would then be transplanted into your garden, complete with a living ladder which is propped up against it, growing at the same speed.

4and20, Aug 31 2022

similar but not bamboo https://www.gtgoodt...d-it-looks-amazing/
[xandram, Aug 31 2022]

Growing chairs https://www.youtube...watch?v=q4GAUOW1_LQ
[a1, Aug 31 2022]

Fast growing, clumping https://www.palmco....lumping-bamboo.html
Really sounds like some kind of determined zombie [4and20, Sep 03 2022]


       How would you create the sitting part of the chair when the bamboo is growing upwards? Do you weave the young shoots together?
whatrock, Aug 31 2022

       See link - there’s a guy in England who makes furniture from living trees.   

       Edit - haha, I see [xandram] beat me with a link to same bloke.
a1, Aug 31 2022

       Living and then killed? I don't see the benefit of that over the traditional type. 4&20 has a much better idea.
Voice, Aug 31 2022

       Furniture should stay the same size as long as you own it. Wood that's been properly killed works well for that. [4and20]'s approach of continuously growing furniture - to include a continuously growing ladder to let you climb into it - sounds very tiring.
a1, Aug 31 2022

       I like it! I've seen the chairs that people grow and then kill, but I didn't like the killing part. This is much better.
aniola, Aug 31 2022

       // How would you create the sitting part of the chair //   

       If you weave the new shoots together, it seems like you risk its growing horizontally into some kind of couch. I was thinking you'd need a pillow, possibly made out of marijuana, which is cheaper than hemp.
4and20, Aug 31 2022

       Have some grass with your grass.
whatrock, Aug 31 2022

       I like the idea, but bamboo won't work like you describe. It grows the bottom nodes to their full length before the top nodes grow much at all. Also as each shoot is growing, it is fairly weak and flexible. Each shoot grows to full height in a matter of weeks or months. The next year, an existing shoot won't grow any taller, but new shoots that grow that year might be taller. Shaping shoots as they grow is a definite possibility, since they are quite flexible, but if you have 4 shoots for legs, they will at best wrap around each other when you join them for the seat and back. They won't grow together like trees will over the years.
scad mientist, Sep 02 2022

       I just don't know. All the google images of bamboo appear to show mostly uniform height. There may be some gaps between trees, but nothing you can't sit in for an entirely straight-backed chair. You appear to hail from a family of weavers and probably shouldn't drive either. Fast growing clumping bamboo comes in many varieties, some of which do grow altogether too fast. The first job would be to locate a consultant who grew up with a bamboo pacifier which is now the house he inhabits.
4and20, Sep 03 2022


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