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Tidy MP3

Programme that cleans up my MP3 collection
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Downloading and exchanging mp3s with friends meanwhile I have a huge collection of MP3s of all sorts.

What bothers me, however, is that a lot of track tags are wrong, and many songs have errors, such as bad quality or missing last seconds.

Wouldn't it be nice if a little programme went through my MP3 archive, corrected all the track tags using the online CDDB, and told me which tracks are broken or have bad quality? Even better, this programme could sort all files neatly into folders, that represent artist and album.


nick!, Sep 16 2002

mood logic http://www.moodlogic.com/
moodlogic does a pretty good job of it. plus lets you make playlists by mood, genre, temp, etc [aberson, Sep 16 2002]

ICASIT Audio fingerprinting http://www.icasit.o...dio_fingerprint.htm
Can identify music files from a short audio sample. [pottedstu, Sep 16 2002]

MP3/Tag Studio http://www.magnusbrading.com/mp3ts/
Cleans up tags nicely [schnitzi, Sep 17 2002]


       //Wouldn't it be nice if //   

       I'd avoid using that phrase here, if I were you..   

       there are many programs on the market that do the majority of what you want to do. The CDDB part won't work, though, as it is designed to recognise CD tracks, not mp3s.
yamahito, Sep 16 2002

       Audio fingerprinting allows tracks to be analysed and recognised based on their acoustic properties, and could be used instead of the CD properties that CDDB/FreeDB use. (See link.)   

       All the recording industry trade organisations are very keen on this, for when the American government gives them permission to hack into your computer and search for potentially pirated music files.
pottedstu, Sep 16 2002

       How about a little TELEVISION programme?

       The contents of [nick!]'s shared directory would be streamed to a TV studio via le peer-to-peer file sharing protocol du jour. The studio audience, each member carrying a small, hand-held data terminal, would listen to a portion of each file, and would attempt, en masse, to match it to an entry in the online CDDB (via their small, hand-held data terminal). After a few seconds, a powerful "CREY" computer would take the most frequent audience selection from the CDDB, decompose it into the appropriate tags for MP3, and upload them via some intrusive chunk of code to [nick!]'s computer, thereby correcting his track tags by majority rule.

       I would be the host of the show, along with my co-host, Penny, and each time I say, "small, hand-held data terminal", a keyword would flash onscreen. Viewers at home would use the keyword to enter the online draw. Unfortunately, the keyword would be in Russian, and only those viewers with Cyrillic keyboards would be likely to enter.

       At the end of each show there would be a running sight gag where I fall out of my wheelchair.
xrayTed, Sep 17 2002

       I've tried moodlogic, in fact it is very neat - but it costs a lot of money, and you still have to do some work yourself. Also: It only repairs the most basic tags, not even album track is included. Any better suggestions? I wish winAmp would include something like that...
nick!, Sep 17 2002

       I was actually halfway through writing this application when I found that somebody had already done it... Check out the link above for MP3/Tag studio.
schnitzi, Sep 17 2002


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