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Track by track music purchases

Just the rhythm, please.
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Studio recorded popular music is usually made of several overlaid tracks. I propose that the tracks be made available for purchase separately. They would be inexpensive - maybe 25 cents. One could get a discount if he or she had already purchased the entire song.

This would produce added revenue from old songs that mixmeisters / Garagebandits might want for parts. It would also be interesting for songsmiths who could learn how a musical piece was assembled.

bungston, Jun 07 2012


       I would pay real cash money fractions of a track cost to buy fractions of a track. Lovely.
calum, Jun 07 2012

       Much as I'd love this to happen, the record companies would not; much like big software companies not wanting to give away their source code.
mitxela, Jun 07 2012

       You don't think this would help squeeze some revenue out of the older items in their inventory?
bungston, Jun 08 2012

       No, they clearly prefer to squeeze revenue out of gullible customers. It's easier, and the supply of idiots is for all practical purposes limitless.   

       Why not sell tracks on a second-by-second or note-by-note basis?
8th of 7, Jun 08 2012


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