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The Lonely Sausage

device that cooks a single sausage
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The Lonely Sausage enables the cooking of a single sausage over a candle flame.

The size and slightly curved shape of an average single sausage, it has a flip over lid that clips shut, and a fold away handle that screws into place. It is designed to be carried complete with sausage, the candle and matches being stored in the handle. The Lonely Sausage can be accompanied by its partner The Lonely Rasher, only with a bacon shaped holder, which operates in the same way and facilitates the cooking of a single rasher.

xenzag, Jan 09 2006

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       //cooking of a single sausage over a candle flame// Very Heath Robinson.
moomintroll, Jan 09 2006

       Can we have a picture, please? Pretty please?
salachair, Jan 09 2006


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