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Velcro Plate

Your plates won't fly away on a picnic
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First you need a special table cloth that attaches to a picnic table and has velcro on it. Your paper plate has velcro on the bottom so when you are in a fairly rough wind your plate won't fly away!
the fiddler, Mar 05 2006


       By Anzacs do you mean Australians?   

       It is a good idea. I hate it when you try to have a picnic and stuff is flying away. The problems with it would be the table cloth: how would you clean spilt stuff out of the velcro fibres? It would be alot harder than wiping it up or shaking it off. Another material other than velcro maybe? Some static charged material? Rub the plate on your shirt before getting a load then place it on the table.
FunkyMunky, Mar 05 2006

       what? like up a mountain?
po, Mar 05 2006

       [Ian] If you did that you would need velcro food.   

       [jelly] I have a better idea. just cover everything in velcro(including yourself.)
the fiddler, Mar 05 2006

       And velcro condoments, and velcro seats.
jellydoughnut, Mar 05 2006

       If you've ever seen the Jason Robards movie "The Ballad of Cable Hogue" the character used an ingenious method to prevent having his plates stolen - he nailed them to the table! No velcro required.   

       Since nailing your plate down might not be practical, perhaps using a pair of magnets - one under the table, one on the plate - would work. (You'd need REALLY strong ones for some of the picnic tables in our provincial parks - they're about 4 inches thick)   

       Then there's always a staple gun...
Canuck, Mar 05 2006

       Hey,[canuck] a table with a neodymium layer and an iron impregnated paper plates would work. if this ever comes about I'll be sure to file the patent in your name.
the fiddler, Mar 05 2006

       Thanks, but be careful how strong the magnet is or you might not be able to lift the plate off the table.
Canuck, Mar 05 2006

       No...but your entire table cloth will....plates included
shinobi, Mar 06 2006

       If you are eating something sticky, you could just apply some of that to the bottom of your plate before beginning. If you are not eating anything sticky you really should.
bungston, Mar 06 2006

       With two strikes, here's the pitch - CRACK! It's a long fly ball to deep center field! but what's this? Jeter seems to be STUCK to home plate! He's trying to pull himself off it and run but he can't! I think it's those sneakers, Jim, they're velcro, and you know in Yankee stadium they just got a velcro plate - yes Jeter's completely stuck to home plate! here's the throw from the outfield, Jeter *still* trying to pull himself away but he's stuck cold Jim, And the tag he's out at home plate. Inning over. (Sorry, baseball season; couldn't resist)
phundug, Mar 06 2006

       That was funny.
the fiddler, Mar 07 2006


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