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water chisel

for kitchen sprayers
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I hate doing dishes, so naturally, they pile up and get nasty. barbecue sauce crusts, grease coagulates, i dont want to stick my hands in there. My spray nozel in my sink is not powerful enough to scrape the gunk from my dishes. enter the water chisel. a line of high pressure nozels at the top of a regular sprayer. a normal squeeze operates normally, squeeze harder and 6 streams converge about 6 inches infront of the sprayer, so you can get up under the grime, then ease in closer to get the wider chisel effect.


bleh, May 15 2006

10,000 psi of cleaning power http://process-equi...rblasting_Equipment
[methinksnot, May 15 2006]

Dishwasher user manual http://www.fisherpa...I_DW920_ugm_NZw.pdf
so you don't have to water blast your dishes [methinksnot, May 15 2006]

Not one but two. http://www.ajmadiso...adison/DD603SS.html
But wait, there's no more. [methinksnot, May 15 2006]


       This poorly-written and poorly-spelled idea is actually a good one. My Halfbakery reflexes are going to be all screwed up.
baconbrain, May 15 2006

       I love your style...
po, May 15 2006

       I appologize for my apathy with regards to grammar and spelling.   

       --- methinksnot, i have a dishwasher, i just wait too long to put the dishes in it.
bleh, May 15 2006

       That annotation right there (^) is absolutely priceless. I am going to save it so future generations of halfbakers can bask in its glorious irony.
methinksnot, May 15 2006

       [bleh]: too lazy to use the dishwasher // But you'll have the ambition to squeeze a nozzle?   

       P.S. I don't want to be near there when the suddenly-dislodged barbeque sauce crust loosens and flies through the living room at 120 mph.
phundug, May 15 2006

       I use the dishwasher, i just dont unload it before there are 2-3 days worth of nasty in it, then the scraping begins.   

       EDIT: 2-3 days worth of nasty in the sink.... see later anno.
bleh, May 15 2006

       You do realize you're supposed to actually turn the dishwasher on before you unload it, right?
Freefall, May 15 2006

       Ok, I didnt realize i was the only one who did this, i am in no way proactive. Lets say i do the dishes, get them in the dishwasher and turn it on-- WOW Clean dishes. The clean dishes then get used straight out of the dishwasher until i have another washer load of dishes in the sink. then i unload the remaining dishes, and begin the gunk scraping cycle all over again.
bleh, May 15 2006


       I guess ideally you'd have 10 dishwashers in your kitchen - then you could easily find an empty one to do the wash in. They could be smaller, then, too, like one dish each.
phundug, May 15 2006

       2 would probabally do me just fine, or a maid. so far plastic dishes are my best option
bleh, May 15 2006

       Third link added for you [bleh]. I have one of these babies and it works a treat.
methinksnot, May 15 2006

       I'll take it!!! dual drawer dishwashers, perfect! as soon as i buy a house, im getting one!
bleh, May 15 2006

       Or how about two houses!!!!! One to live in while you move all your clean stuff from the other house, and then when this house is full of dirty items you move into the other house -- wait, maybe you'd need three houses. Hold on...
phundug, May 15 2006

       I am positive that I'd be soaking wet after using this.
phundug, May 16 2006

       I can find no refferences to //§//. Would anyone care to clue me in.   

       <2 fries>--- § is sort of a half baked signature of mine. (my name starts with an s.)
bleh, May 17 2006

       A tank with piranhas.
methinksnot, May 17 2006

       I was thinking, this could also be retro-fitable to existing sprayers with a gasketed cap with the high pressure holes, put on for cleaning dishes, take off for everythign else you use a kitchen sprayer for.
bleh, May 17 2006


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