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The Moon group

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Right, well going out in London goes a bit like this. First of all the group meets at some bar for a few drinks until its time to move to the club. Then....ya go to the club, usually get pretty hammered. Then you go one of 3 places 1) home cause you're too wasted 2) your place or hers or 3) for a bite to eat with the ramainder of the group. Theres a common word used for nights like this: 'Moon'. Its origin is difficult to define, but basically it means a long evening of drinking, partying, after partying etc. We call drinks at the bar 'pre-moon' at the club its called 'the moon' and chilling somewhere afterwards and getting a bite the 'post-moon'. SO why not open moon chains that come in threes. A bar called pre-moon that serves cheap drinks in the earlier part of the evening, a club called the moon, thats downright amazing, and a cafe called post-moon thats open till late that sells pretty much every kind of late night munchie possible. Where you could go, chill, grab a bite and reflect on your evening. All three places would definately be top-trendy, marketed as 'the place to be'. And all three venues would be strategically located. This way (hopefully) you would attract groups of people that visit more than one of your venues a night. If the concept works....you open another chain elsewhere.
shinobi, May 18 2004


       They never would let me in to any club that is "downright amazing".
bungston, May 18 2004


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