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The Paper Boys

Extra! Extra!!
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So, I work at a newspaper, and we once had these two young men working in our mailroom - each about 6'3 and around 350 lbs. apiece. They loved talking about pro wrestling. It occurred to me that they could be a tag team - the Paper Boys!

They'd come on dressed in classic "newsie" outfits - the knickers, the snap-brim caps, the whole bit. They'd have carriers' bags, and toss copies of their "newspaper" (a promo piece for future matches, of course) out to the fans... but of course they'd keep the one with the steel pipe in the bag for use in emergencies...! Their finishers would have names like "The Headliner," "The Free Press," and "The Final Edition".. and in their off hours they could promote literacy!

smendler, Nov 02 2013


       //classic "newsie" outfits - the knickers, the snap- brim caps, the whole bit. //   

MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 02 2013

       Go up against "The Reporters". !950's Suits and Fedoras Oversized Pencils, Notepads, And big black Clunky Phones.   

       and THE Bosses Severely overweight clowns with enormous cigars, limo drivers and squinty eyes, and A couple of secretaries One for work and one for play.   


       (Smendler ' s List wasn't a bad movie.)
popbottle, Nov 02 2013


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