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Train trip heaven

Is your train carriage boring/noisy or something worse? Dont despair, you're just in the wrong carriage.
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Ever sat in a train and thought 'why are all these people so boring/noisy/(insert other character traits here)??'.

I propose that train carriages be itemised/categorised the world over. Wherever you get on a train, you know you'll be sitting with like-minded people.

The standard could go something like this:

First carriage: All the power-user professionals with laptop who like to just sit and write corporate procedures. Give this carriage more power points for them to charge up when necessary, and maybe some hubs for networking. Let them get off first as they're the most anxious to get to work!

2nd carriage: School kids. (and only school kids, need I say more)

3rd carriage: Newspaper/reading section. Larger seats for larger newspapers. Quiet is mandatory on this carriage.

4th carriage: All the oldies. Oldy type music going, hearing impaired aids, extra railings etc...Maybe a tour guide at the front with interesting trivia and sightseeing tips on the journey.

Last carriage: Party animals. Put a bar on, some couches around, vending machines, music etc...maybe even a small dance floor.

Each carriage should have appropriate decoration for its occupants. All other carriages (assuming there are enough carriages) should be left to the folk who dont know where they belong yet.

I've spent years on trains, why are we all so unorganised!!??

rumbletumbler, Nov 25 2003


       I have travelled on AmCrap trains throughout the U.S. and find that most people seem to end up breaking into like-minded groups on their own.   

       Either that, or they all end up in the bar car.
Klaatu, Nov 25 2003

       Some of this is baked in the UK. Virgin trains have a separate first class carriage (for business users, and it does have extra power points for laptops etc), plus they have a quiet carriage where phones and walkmen (walkmans?) are prohibited. Also, they often turn off the lights of one carriage during the evening so that you can have a sleep and/or get mugged.
Fishrat, Nov 25 2003

       it sounds very 1984. in a very spooky way you are suggesting an almost facist separation of social genres. why need to be so organised? "organisation" could be just a better system that makes train commutes not just a numb A to B but a special experience. i would join the sods with no laptops and conspire a revolution against the blue collars
janet2, Nov 25 2003

       "Virgin train" has such a naughty ring to it.
thumbwax, Nov 25 2003

       easier solution: use a thing called "compartmens". works well in continental europe.
FireElf, Sep 28 2006


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