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Tube/Subway swimming carriage

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Having taken a peek at Nagoya's station combined platform and swimming pool, I thought, they should change the water more often. Link.

But seriously, middle two tube carriages/subway cars to have the seats taken out and be part flooded, to allow busy people to get some exercise the way to work.

Carriage one is for parents and toddlers, carriage two is for the more serious swimmers. Given sufficient baffling it should be possible to keep the surge down to a manageable level.

Bring your own towel, but sun-lamps and lifeguards included in the charges. Guaranteed almost no chance of shark attack.

Yip, yip, yip panda, <Bloodnock>I'm in condition today </Bloodnock>

not_morrison_rm, Sep 26 2014

Nagoya http://newsonjapan..../article/109641.php
[not_morrison_rm, Sep 26 2014]


       Given the wide loading gauge of Japanese rolling stock, and assuming a minimum 1.5m depth of water, the extra mass of the pool is of the order of 100 tonnes. That's a lot even for a railway car.   

       On the plus side, survivability in end-on crashes would be excellent, and the cars would of course be self-extinguuishing in the event of fire.
8th of 7, Sep 26 2014

       So, use a lighter liquid than water.
pocmloc, Sep 26 2014

       //100 tonnes. That's a lot even for a railway car   

       They probably get that every day, because when is a Japanese train full? The answer is, it's never full. Of course you can get another couple of hundred people on it, trust me on that. But seriously, people are mostly water, so maybe not so different.   

       If having the whole carriage half-full with water does become an issue, you can swim in half a metre of water (probably). So we could have lanes, stacked one above the other, doing a loop around the carriage. Would be handy to separate the slow swimmers from the more speedy ones.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 26 2014

       // Nagoya's station combined platform and swimming pool //   

       Until I clicked on the link, I fully expected this to be a subway platform that featured an actual usable swimming pool for mid-commute bathing. Never before has Japanese weirdness surprised me by turning out to have a perfectly mundane explanation.
Alterother, Sep 26 2014

       Hah! Google "ikebukuro train cafe"..and that's just the beginning...
not_morrison_rm, Sep 26 2014


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