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Voice effects

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Transform your voice with a press of a button - in real time as you're having a phone conversation:

- Deeper/higher pitched voice
- Cold/stuffy nose (... useful for calling in sick)
- Robot voice
- Bad connection simulator (.... you are breaking up ... hello? )
- Energetic voice (... for when you just woke up and you don't want the caller to know)
- Darth vader
- Foreign accent
- Vomit sound effect
- Trembling voice
- Party background (... pretend that you are at a cool party)
- Work background (... pretend like you are in a busy office ...)
- <pause> ... Chirp .. chirp ... chirp (... you know ... that noise when you make a joke and no one gets it)
- Voice to fax ... call a fax number and say what you want to fax over instead of writing it down. Speech to text will transform your voice into fax machine tones.
- Fierce beast noise (... can't talk now! a lion is chasing me!)
- Angry hangup (... the old phones let users smash the phone while hanging up for extra emphasis, the cell phones are sadly missing that feature, and this would bring it back)
- Vuvuzela background / swarm of bees
- Voicemail promt (... answer the call, and create the illusion that the person is leaving a voicemail when in fact you are listening in)
- Random effect
- ... many more

ixnaum, Jun 24 2010

Baked http://itunes.apple...ro/id312716310?mt=8
[Voice, Jun 24 2010]

Baked http://www.eaprotec...nd-noise-maker.aspx
[Voice, Jun 24 2010]




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