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The Rumble Sofa

The sofa that brings your gaming & films to life
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So... we've been given 'dolby digital' surround sound, plasma screen tellies now all we need for the ultimate film & gaming interaction is a Rumble Sofa.

Living in a neighbourhood where turning up the sub woofer to shake the room isn't always a viable option it became clear if I wanted the sofa to shake then my amp/tv was gonna have to offer one more outlet - hence the rumble lead.

Simply buy your custom made sofa, or an attachment to stick under the cushion, plug into your outlet source and rumble away as the action explodes. Gun fire would give you rapid shakes, boating would give you the water bed feeling.

So, who’ll be setting up the manufacturing unit with me? Do you think Sony would like to come on board?

laughinboy, Dec 09 2004

Like this? http://www.vrealities.com/intercush.html
[paraffin power, Dec 09 2004]

Or this? http://www.crowsont...bindex=5&tabid=3328
Sofa so good... [csea, Dec 09 2004]

Or this? http://www.thebuttk...r.com/LFE_home.html
Aptly named "Butt Kicker" [csea, Dec 09 2004]

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       I'm not sure about Sony but I reckon Cher would <silence>
Gregster, Dec 09 2004

       Clearly, you may find the Mrs watching more films that previously with something of a smile on her face! A by product of a great design.
laughinboy, Dec 09 2004

       //boating would give you the water bed feeling//   

       Sounds good to me, try not to get crumbs on the furniture. Great if you want an hour's sleep - stick "Dead Calm" on, turn the sound down and close your eyes - it would even wake you up after an hour when it starts bouncing you violently at the scary bits!
kmlabs, Dec 09 2004

       Great for activating it when you have guests who've overstayed their welcome.   

       ***jolt, rumble***   

       Guest: "What was that?!?"   

       Me: "What, I didn't feel anything."   

       G: "The couch moved!"   

       M: "Oh, our house is haunted by a really strong poltergeist. He's been known to throw guests out of their chairs. Don't worry, the rumblings will start getting stronger the longer you hang around. Stick around for the ride of your life!"   

       G: "Really?!? Uh, no thanks, I gotta wash my hair and take the dog to the vet...Bye, thanks for the dinner!"   

Machiavelli, Dec 09 2004

       M: "This is even better than sitting on the edge of the washing machine!!"
contracts, Dec 09 2004

       ***gasp*** tsk tsk, [contracts]! That ain't no way to talk to a lady!!!
Machiavelli, Dec 09 2004


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