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Vented Sofas

Perforated leather sofa with fan/duct system...
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Keep your posterior cool even when electricty bills force raising thermostat temps. Series of small holes in leather, leading to channels in the foam padding terminating at an internal fan.

NOTE: reversable fan motor has potential for gas dissipation.

Saab offers the feature on 9-5 models, how about Herman Miller?

Ptoddadactyle, Jul 22 2001


       Ptoddadactyle: Now *this* is an idea. Welcome to the Halfbakery. For hot climates, a small air-conditioner in the seat of your favorite reclining chair would beat whole-house climate control in energy efficiency.
Dog Ed, Jul 22 2001

       I think it'd go better in cloth, though. Leather just isn't comfortable to sit on. Cold in the winter, hot in the summer and usually sticky.
StarChaser, Jul 22 2001

       Naugahyde makes that always-inappropriately-timed *fart* sound - therefore, one could fan their actual-inappropriate farts without waving their hands.
thumbwax, Aug 23 2002

       [Ptoddadactyle] obtained their account on the day this idea was posted.   

       [Ptoddadactyle] then posted one other idea that day, one more idea three days later, and then was never heard from again.   

       This snippet of halfbakery history has been brought to you courtesy of the random button. All profits go towards coaxing the young and innocent to sign up for halfbaker accounts.
normzone, Nov 01 2017

       // All profits //   

       This being the amount remaining after you have deducted your travel expenses, subsistence allowance, accomodation costs, inconvenience payments, and a trifling sum to cover sending your children to a top-class private school ?   

       Having previously made the aquaintance of [MB], and being substantially poorer as a result, we know whereof we speak.
8th of 7, Nov 01 2017


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