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water couch

I have a waterbed, I have a couch....
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I really like my waterbed (so do most of my friends), so I am thinking, "why not a whole living room set of 'water' furniture?" I dont think i have seen this idea on the website yet; if it already exists, I apologize. I just cant help but think how comfortable it would be to kick back and watch TV from my watercouch....
samiam0446, May 02 2001

(??) Mainly banned. http://google.yahoo...niture%22&hc=0&hs=0
Judging by the number of places that don't allow it, this may have a limited market. [angel, May 02 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(??) Water sofa. http://www.aquaworl...etten.de/liegen.htm
The sofa in the picture is basically a waterbed with pillows on it. [jutta, May 02 2001]

watercouch http://www.technove...ontent.asp?Bnum=533
From Fred Pohl's novel [ChiefTechnovelgist, Aug 13 2006]


       Or what about a hide-a-waterbed?
globaltourniquet, May 02 2001

       If it could be done, it'd be cool...problem I've always had with sitting on a waterbed is the mattress is surrounded by hard wooden things that make your legs hurt when hanging over. The 'soft side' waterbeds don't really seem to be much more than normal mattresses <No waves, no fun>, so I don't think those would work.
StarChaser, May 02 2001

       Certainly the seat could be made watery; I dunno about the upright cushions--you'd have to pressurize them so they'd hold their upright position, and as you know a comfortable waterbed is a splooshy one. A water-filled reclining couch would be bakeable, I imagine. Warm in winter, cool in summer. Nice idea.
Dog Ed, May 02 2001

       I like it, my cats may not.
angel, May 03 2001

       I believe the reason for the banning of water furniture would be weight. Waterbeds sometimes require reinforcing of the floors they are intended to be placed on. A water couch would be a lot heavier than a normal sofa and a potential disaster if perforated. A fun idea though ...
Aristotle, May 03 2001

       Regarding [PeterSealy]'s link, does it mean that you get showered in Vichy water?
BTW, for the record one cubic yard (or metre-ish) of water weighs about 3/4 ton.
angel, May 03 2001

       <oh, yeah> I actually knew that, mate. Thanks, anyway.</oh, yeah>
angel, May 03 2001

       <don't want to be left out>Sorta baked (assuming Peter Sealy's link isn't right). They have inflatable furniture that, if you take lots of time, can be filled with water. I did it to mine when I decided I hated it, and it sucked just as bad. And it weighed more than the damn house.</don't want to be left out>
AfroAssault, May 04 2001

       Maybe, for the upright cushions, you could use a type of gel, that would hold its shape much better than water. Of course the covering would have to be very resistant to stretching so as to keep the shape and gel, which would still flow, in place. You wouldn't necessarily need a strong fabric if you had a shape defined covering holding in the water. Instead of using just a normal waterbed matress, it could be made more sturdy around the outside so as to hold the water in, without actually losing the "waves" of the actual part you sit on. It is the same idea as the wood around the water bed, except it is built into the actual waterbed matress. And, of course, it would be cushioned, so that you dont hurt your legs by sitting on it. I dunno, but it just might work....
mikeyh, May 06 2001

       or foam inside,so it would be like a saturated sponge[still have the waterproof coating]
technobadger, May 06 2001

       // or foam inside,so it would be like a saturated sponge //   

       Aaaahhh....won't foam revert back to water after a while?
PauloSargaco, Oct 01 2003

       Frederik Pohl thought of this in 1980 in his novel Beyond the Blue Event Horizon.
ChiefTechnovelgist, Aug 13 2006


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