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The Santa Claus

A cocktail called The Santa Claus
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1 oz Gin (for that nice Christmas tree taste) 0.5 oz Peppermint Schnapps (candy canes) 1 dash Irish Cream (for opacity) 1 dash Grenadine (red)

Shake well with ice, strain into a tall glass with red/white striped straw.

Top off with a small dash of Whipped Cream (white)


flapmaster, Dec 14 2000


       Maybe I was half-baked when I thought of it...
flapmaster, Dec 14 2000

       Who the hell cares "in what sense it's half-baked"? What matters to me is that this sounds WONDERFUL, and it's the most immediately achievable (and useful) suggestion I've seen on this site. Christmas may be over, but hell--it's still winter, so this one is sort of timely, too. I know what I'm going to be whipping up for dinner! Maybe I'll save a little for breakfast, too.   

       Thanks for the recipe...
rachele, Jan 20 2001

       You'd end up with something pink, wouldn't you? Would it be possible to float the different boozes on each other so you get red and white stripes?
StarChaser, Jan 21 2001

       "Who the hell cares..." I thought this was the Halfbakery, not the Last Chance Saloon. No dis on the recipe, 'cause it sounds wonderful and I'll probably even down a few, but I'm with PeterSealy: In what sense is this half-baked?
iuvare, Jan 22 2001

       Pink is definitely not the idea color for a drink, so that's a drawback. I wouldn't want to drink something that's pink. (Remember the "pink ink drink" from Dr. Seuss?) My favorite color is "clear," though red and white stripes could easily supplant that.   

       "Last Chance Saloon"? Neat bar name...like it.
rachele, Jan 23 2001

       Actually, that sounds pretty good.
Vance, Jan 30 2001


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