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Mouthwash flavoured whiskey
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For those drinking occasions where whisky breath is not generally accepted. How many times have you wanted to reach for that bottle of Jack Daniels in your top office drawer...

Here's the answer - mouthwash and whisky in one nice green bottle - leaving you plastered but fresh-smelling! Useful for truck drivers, airline pilots and even astronauts... any situation where whisky breath will get you into trouble go for Tipsygargle!

PaulP, Aug 19 2002


       I have never tasted whiskey, and there is nothing sneaky in my top office drawer, but I do know that mouthwash is disgusting if swallowed and the combination would more likely make you pukey than tipsy.
Helium, Aug 19 2002

       Try peppermint schnapps. (Or not; it's vile.)
angel, Aug 19 2002

       Angel: Once cracked a pint of super schnapps (101 proof peppermint) in a movie theater.. wasn't 10 seconds and all the people around us were bitching about the reek of booze.. There really is no way to get the smell of liquor off your breath or your body.
Mr Burns, Aug 19 2002

       Well, you can probably lower the chances of liquor stink by consuming alcohol intravenously.  Plus, perhaps an IV stand, bag and line setup are more socially acceptable in the officeplace than the flask of whiskey, mouthwash flavor or elsewise.
bristolz, Aug 20 2002

       Here's a hint: If you need to hide the fact that you're drinking you either shouldn't be drinking at that time or you have a serious problem. In case of the first one, grow up. In event of the second, get help.
Susen, Aug 20 2002

       Yay Susen, the voice of reason. Everything they say about you is true!
madradish, Aug 20 2002

       I agree, you have a problem. Solution: Drink Vodka
ImBack, Aug 20 2002

       [bristolz], the IV setup would still invite questions. I propose the Booze-Patch(TM), a combination of the hypospray injector and a nicotine patch. It contains a small amount of alcohol and a pain-killer (because alcohol going through the skin/nerves/etc would probably hurt like hell), on a base of microneedles (prototyped for insulin injection). Slap it on and the needles puncture the skin, injecting the painkiller. Then crush the corner of the patch and alcohol begins feeding in slowly.   

       Simple, discrete, and socially unacceptable.
Macwarrior, Nov 13 2003

       There is no good reason not to drink alcoholic beverages wherever drinking non-alcoholic beverages is permitted. Or tell me why I have a Serious Problem if I don't follow every grim whim of every snooty socialite. If I were belching loudly and splashing on the floor I could understand it.
Voice, Dec 12 2008

       Voice, please tell me you're trolling. If not, re-read the idea, and the situations (office, truck driver, pilot on duty) and tell me you still mean what you say?
david_scothern, Dec 13 2008


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