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The plate

A vote for serious backing.
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Personally I can't get my head around voting. To me, voting should be serious. Just look at the current states of England and the United States.

This site is a mixture of fun, cheekiness and new valid ideas, some of which could make serious societal change. Sometimes large numbers of croissants can be gained with clever, witty, out of the box ideas but these ideas may or may not be for the betterment of society.

This is where the plate vote comes in. This vote gives a metric on how much all the Halfbaker's feel or would put their energy on the line for the idea to make it off the server and into the wild of history. An arrow of ideas of how society is wanted for future generations.

This vote shouldn't over shadow the essence of the Bakery but just be a tiny corner of insight. Plus, the plate would free me up to frivolously throw around croissants and fishbones on emotional connection to the idea alone.

wjt, Apr 28 2019

Baked icon By [Jim]. Mentioned in my anno as a good complement to this idea. [notexactly, May 01 2019]

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       Is England made of states?   

       How would the plate vote look? Would it be just a count/icon of plates displayed below the bun or bone, with no corresponding anti-plate vote option?
notexactly, Apr 28 2019

       Only the states that matter.   

       Maybe just a for button with display being a single unchanging plate icon and associated number. Just one plate being an indication of serious thought.   

       If a manual option is more apt, a symbol, maybe .__. could be included in an annotation and used just as reverently.
wjt, Apr 28 2019

       That looks like a face. How about 🍽️?   

       Edit: I guess not.
notexactly, Apr 28 2019

       Possibly, or U+1F30E
wjt, Apr 30 2019

       Seems a worthy amendment [+]
whatrock, Apr 30 2019

       //Is England made of states// Hmm...solid, liquid, gas, plasma... Sure, but when I visited it was mostly soggy fog, feeling like dispirited B-E- condensate.
Sgt Teacup, Apr 30 2019

       ^ Shirley twas before the current feverish Brexit thingy.
whatrock, Apr 30 2019

       // U+1F30E //   


       (Speaking of emoji, I just looked it up and found there's a croissant one! Too bad we don't have good Unicode support currently. If I was in charge here, Unicode support would be a thing I'd improve (mainly for characters other than emojis). (Read: If I was in charge here, I'd know exactly why it's a huge amount of work to improve Unicode support.))   

       I just happened to spot the idea "Baked icon" [link] again a few minutes before I got to this one in my recent view. I think they go together well. I also think they'd both be good to display beside the idea title in the category listings and other views that display ratings, so you'd be able to see at a glance not only which ideas were good or bad, but also which were baked or backed.
notexactly, May 01 2019

       U+1F30E, for the future of this big plate were on. one for the world.I didn't focus on the Americas bit. Nope, changed my mind.   

       Still, I don't know if I want to see a string of emojis. That link is a good simple change to widen the range of coissant/fishbone icons allowing more information eg a plate, and/or a baking peel. Quite a few icons needed as the matrix gets bigger, though.
wjt, May 01 2019


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