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Theremin Mouse2

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This is a theremin, but instead of producing a tone, hand position within the field and resulting signal is used to direct cursor position and other computer mouse functions.
bungston, Aug 06 2010

Theremin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theremin
[bungston, Aug 06 2010]

Halfbakery: Theremin Mouse Theremin_20Mouse
Hm, I like it better if it still goes wheeoiyoyoyoyoooooh. [jutta, Aug 06 2010]

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       Except I thought it was to be an application where a mouse would be used to create Theremin-like sounds on a computer - left/right = pitch, up/down = volume.
csea, Aug 06 2010

       Better yet, why not direct the cursor with theremin noises from your nose?
ldischler, Aug 06 2010


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