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traffic police cyber punk

logan's drive
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have you ever seen,in a dystopian sci fi, a regime with its enforcers?[of some sort] anyway,logans run:the sandmen,farenheit 451:thefiremen ,1984 the thought police,ect/ect some sort of enforcement to extra laws, for age ,books or some sort of thoughts[not that i fully read 1984,sorry]-or saw 451 f anyway,law and order,but extra laws as well. what could we have instead of laws on not reading subversive things or passing 30? well,as the traffic wardens formed [was that the 60s?] and were apparently unpopular. how about going to the 60s and making a sci fi film of traffic wardens in later times?
technobadger, Sep 01 2001

Nemesis the Warlock http://www.dreamnat...snet.co.uk/nem.html
He has developed quite a bit from those humble origins. [Aristotle, Sep 01 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       so, like, RoboCop? Didn't he enforce small laws like parking and smoking laws? (I don't think I've seen the whole movie.)
wiml, Sep 03 2001

       Holy God, what?
AfroAssault, Sep 04 2001

       30 days of hard labo(u)r for wiml.
thumbwax, Sep 04 2001

       The idea of William Burroughs' Nova Heat meting out punishment to double-hoverers appeals to me.
The Military, Sep 04 2001

       [wiml] read some of the judge dredd comics, he's not as much of a pillock as he's made out to be toward the endof the movie. In one of them he arressts a 10 year old for "public flatulence"
kaz, Sep 04 2001

       2000AD's Nemesis series started off as a story about an unseen revolutionary opposing a system based around fascistic traffic police. It was based on The Jam's song "Going Undergound".   

       See link for more information on Nemesis.
Aristotle, Sep 04 2001

       [PeterSealy] That's a Larry Niven short story. Don't remember the name or the collection, but you have the right idea. The story was set in a future where every offence was punishable by death to provide the 'organ banks' with spare parts for the rest of the population.   

       I'm still trying to figure out if [technobadger] is proposing the study of future crime laws so that:   

       A)We can guard against their becoming reality, or;   

       B)Define what might be a crime in the future, or;   

       C)Traveling back in time to begin propaganda campaigns against currently unpopular laws.
phoenix, Sep 04 2001


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