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Throwing Pillow

For When You Need to Pillow-Fight
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We've all seen how, when you pillow-fight, the pillows all get shredded, right? Who wants that to happen? 'Well, then, use stuffed toys'. But they usually have hard eyes, etc., that can *hurt* if they hit ya wrong (besides, who wants to see a <voice="babyish-puckered">cute widdoo teddy</voice> used as a weapon?).

Therefore, I give you fighting pillows. These suckers are made of heavy-duty canvas, stitched together with heavy-gauge nylon, and filled with your choice of feathers or polyester. Square for better throwing accuracy, or rectangular for a satisfying *Whap!*

Print patterns of angry faces (I envisagion a Thwomp! face from Super Mario) optional.

galukalock, Apr 03 2003

Pillows vs... http://www.tealdrag...mpares/pillowgf.htm
[Shz, Oct 04 2004]


       You've invented strong pillows. "Just like pillows, only stronger."
angel, Apr 09 2003

       Well, yeah. I guess the thing is that they're specifically for pillowfights.
galukalock, Apr 09 2003

       Actually, these'd probably sell if well marketed. Not sure why anyone would vote against the idea.   

       Maybe if you had made the material studded with rhinestones, spikes, explosive studs, razor blades or something. You know, edgier ;-)   

       Or a voice box buried in the pillows that, upon impact, cried out things like "Take THAT!" or "Biff!"
bristolz, Apr 09 2003

       Have various models:
Pillow shield; with two small, tight straps for ones arms to go through.
Claymore Pillow: longer than other pillows - generally used with two hands.
Pillow Axe: shaped like a 'T'.
Jinbish, Apr 09 2003

       A long narrow pillow with (heavier) down at the ends and foam filled throughout the rest. Swing / wrap around opponents legs and pull their feet out from beneath them. Proceed to pummel with pillow of choice.
Shz, Apr 09 2003

       Me likee
thumbwax, Apr 09 2003

       All the pillow fights I've had involved swinging pillows like a big soft club rather than throwing them.   

       A good sized feather pillow makes a pretty good pillow fight weapon as the weight will pack to one end leaving a good grippable bit of fabric on the other. Works really well for the [Shz] leg pull technique.   

       I think that a "heavy duty canvas" pillow could inflict some pretty good damage in the form of facial abrasions.
half, Apr 09 2003

       I don’t feel that you need a heavier pillow. I have had many pillow fights most on the trampoline, very fun (and nothing gets broke). But I have never had a pillow bust.
imburton, Apr 09 2003

       Snooker balls in a sock is better. "I'm the daddy now!"
my face your, Apr 09 2003

       mfy: you should try a sock full of nickles (or whatever small, dense coin you have in... Scotland, is it?). It's a bit more versatile. Try swinging it around to get some momentum and let your wrist do the work.   

       woosh woosh >WHAP!<
snarfyguy, Apr 09 2003

       If you are after a painful/damaging thwapping object, instead of coins use nails or tacs.
silverstormer, Apr 09 2003

       //a "heavy duty canvas" pillow could inflict some pretty good damage//   

       Got a pint there. Maybe it could be heavy but smooth (tight weave). Just so it won't rip open.   

       //If you are after a painful/damaging thwapping object//   

       I'm not. Just a good pillowfighting pillow.   

       I like those different shapes and tactics, btw.
galukalock, Apr 09 2003

       water pillows?
po, Apr 09 2003

       [po] They wouldn't last a minute with my Ninja nail socks.
silverstormer, Apr 09 2003

       but you'd get a damn good soaking [silver]
po, Apr 09 2003

       [po] Thanks! You just gave me an idea. Naked mudd pillow wrestling, mudd and feathers everywhere. Winner is the first person to look like Big Bird.
silverstormer, Apr 09 2003

       Gonna hate myself for saying this, but would the boners please state their reasons for boning this?
galukalock, Apr 12 2003

       Maybe lingering fears left over from childhood pillow fights?
bristolz, Apr 12 2003


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