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Tic tac sucker stick

Those slippery little customers
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Basically, a small plunger to help pick up those tricky little tic tacs, it would be included with the tic tacs in a small side container.You would use it to reach in and pluck out the sweets rather than fumble around, dropping them all over the place.
fridge duck, Mar 02 2005


       I've never had trouble getting tic tacs out of their little box. I don't understand...
Machiavelli, Mar 02 2005

       It's not so much the getting them out for me, it's just the holding on to them.
fridge duck, Mar 02 2005

       Sorta like trying to hold onto a wet bar of soap? Still, I never had trouble holding on to a tic tac, but since the problem's out there, you've found a good solution. Have a garlic and onion bun to go with your tic tacs.
Machiavelli, Mar 02 2005

       Croissant for the super sound of the idea title.
calum, Mar 03 2005


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