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Utensil Dispenser

Making food courts more sanitary
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This idea came to me in the mall today. I was hungry and went to the food court to grab a bite. I ordered a delicious chili cheese dog from Orange Julius, and my appetite couldn't be more ravenous as I carried it to my table to scarf it down. Alas! I forgot to grab a fork! As I turned to grab one from the basket on the counter, however, I decided to simply use my hands and risk the mess.

Why, you may ask, did I do this? Because when I turned around I saw a snot-nosed little kid sneeze into his hands and then reach into the same basket of forks that I was *about* to go for. All those forks are jumbled together, touching and spreading any disease and illness that they may come in contact with.

Then I saw the straw dispenser, which prevents someone from touching anything except that which they are taking, and I thought, why not simply larger one for forks, spoons, and knives? This would allow me to take a fork, secure in the knowlege that there is no way my fork could have been contaminated by a snot-nosed kid.

21 Quest, Oct 15 2006


       (+) Even though a sterile fork for a fast food meal seems like lipstick on a pig.
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 16 2006

       Yes, but at least I know the guy who made my clili cheese dog didn't sneeze on it. I watched him make it with fresh ingredients right out of the bag (except the chili, but it was cooking in a pot which was in full view of the public and therefore safe from malicious tampering).
21 Quest, Oct 16 2006

       //lack of resistance to ordinary commn germs//

       I'm still breathing public air, aren't I? I eat my steak and burgers medium-rare. I still shake hands with strangers. Does that not satisfy my body's germ requirements? You don't have to ingest germs for your body to develop resistance to them.
21 Quest, Oct 16 2006


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