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Walkable Cat

Breed a cat that likes to walk on a leash
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I wish I could take my cat for walks outside, to the beach, out camping. But no, cats just don't cooperate. They don't have the exploring spirit like dogs. But I hear that some people can walk their cats on a leash. I think we need to find all the cats that like to be walked on leashes and breed them. Oh, and we should also select for the ability to come when called. A cat that could do these things would be instantly more popular than the fickle, homebodies that we call companions today. Maybe they'll never be as good as dogs at these traits, but they couldn't be worse!
EdisonsTwin, Jan 07 2007

(?) Cat on leash http://moblog.co.uk...g_ea9a5f332ddff.jpg
[skinflaps, Jan 11 2007]

Patent: Not quite, but almost http://www.freepate...ne.com/5443036.html
[Dub, Jan 23 2007]


       How about a stoat, ferret or a mink? They're cat-like and will walk with a collar and lead.   

       'The Big Lebowski - The Nihilists come in to scare him, and their weapon of choice is...a ferret?'
Dub, Jan 08 2007

       Hey Dub!!! My cat walks me everyday.
blissmiss, Jan 08 2007

       I hear squirrels and racoons are both fine walking pets.
shapu, Jan 08 2007

       //A cat that could do these things would be instantly more popular than the fickle, homebodies that we call companions today.//   

       Only among people who don't really like cats.
nomocrow, Jan 08 2007

       Try a skunk. Let us know how it works.
lurch, Jan 08 2007

       I've heard that siamese cats are not averse to walking on a lead.
squeak, Jan 09 2007

       Contrary to popular belief, cats can be trained to obey several orders and even walk on a lead, but it takes more work because they are stubborn and a bit slower on the uptake. Cat lovers consider that a part of their charm.   

       You could just get a more dog-like cat; a siberian or a manx cat act dog-like: they will play "fetch", and they follow their master around.
Veho, Jan 09 2007

       Most of the cats who have, over the years, shared my life liked to play 'fetch', and Whitstable often follows me around the house.
angel, Jan 09 2007

       "Fetch" or "catch"? Cats love to chase and pounce on moving things, but most don't bring them back, and you have to wrestle the thing out of their grip if you want to throw it again.
Veho, Jan 09 2007

       "Fetch", definitely. Pogsmith was the first to do so, and several others developed the behaviour independently. I throw a screwed-up Ferrero Rocher wrapper and Gomez, Jasper or Griswald brings it back (usually).
angel, Jan 09 2007

       This new cat breed is a good invention. I would have liked one a few years back before I went over to the dog side. Breed in the fetching tendency from pogsmitsh's cat, and I think you'd have a real winner.
Heathera, Jan 10 2007

       // I hear squirrels and racoons are both fine walking pets.//   

       Squirrels I don't know, but really, raccoons are _not_ pets. Friend of mine works at a shelter where they take care of small mammals, and although it started out as a place for mistreated monkeys, raccoons are now in the majority. Cute as they may seem, they are still wild animals, often quite aggressive when they hit a certain age.   

       But I heard skunks make great pets, once you remove the scent glands.
Trickytracks, Jan 10 2007

       I've tried walking my cat and was lucky to come out with my eyes... never again.
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 10 2007

       I once saw someone walking their cat in a conservatory. It was very curious, always at the edge of the leash as it silently ran to sniff all the strange plants. It behaved much like a dog, except for ignoring people.
Aq_Bi, Jan 11 2007

       There is a lady in the next road who insists on walking her rabbit...   

wagster, Jan 11 2007

       It's been done.
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 12 2007

       I recall seeing a couple taking their goldfish for a walk around the block (it was in a bowl of water {the fish, not the block})
Dub, Jan 13 2007

       I like my cat the way she is, ignores me, doesn't even acknowledge I exist, eyes me out, eats birds and mice, and only comes for food.   

       I used to walk a fly around, had it tied on a string.
twitch, Jan 13 2007


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