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Tip thermometer

Cold pie, no tip
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Very simple: Small device like a calculator, actually it would be a caclulator... with an infrared sensor. Put it on top of the pizza box when it arrives, type in the cost of the bill, sensor measures the tempurature of the pizza and calulates tip accordingly. Notion: would encourage delivery guys to be timely; which of course could lead to speeding... Would work for other foods too.
drinkh20, Mar 11 2002

Package Thermometer http://www.halfbake...ckage_20Thermometer
shameless self-promotion [quarterbaker, Mar 11 2002]


       How about one of those cheap liquid crystal themometers (the ones you use for childrens temps) actually stuck to the box top. Instead of temperature it could be calibrated with suggested tip.
dare99, Mar 11 2002

       I was expecting this to tell me whether a tip was a hot tip or just a tip.
angel, Mar 11 2002

       We've done the 'built-in thermometer' idea. Not for tipping, though.
phoenix, Mar 11 2002


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