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Tearaway Pizza

A pizza without the unnecessary burden of cutting
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Pizzas - possibly the best thing to come out of Italy: they come in lots of varieties, taste great and are a synch to cook. However, they do come with one rather problematic feature: having cooked said pizza, you have the burden of cutting it! There are many ways of dealing with this, however, with the possible exception of a specialist pizza cutter, they normally involve a loss of precious topping. This is where tearaway pizzas come in. They're manufactured with perforated slices in them, so the pizza cooks as normally, but once finished, you're able to 'tearaway' the necessary slices. Since people like different sizes of slices, they could also in various forms: 8 slices, 6 slices or even the previously almost-impossible-to-get-exactly-right 7! "The best thing since sliced bread?" I'll let you be the judge of that!
mark_davo, Oct 21 2006

7ths Perfectly_20Sized_20Slices
[Shz, Oct 22 2006]

Ellio's frozen pizza http://www.ellios.com/index.aspx
OK, so it's not exactly gourmet, but it's perforated. [Freefall, Oct 23 2006]


       The only thing better would be pizza held together with explosive bolts.
normzone, Oct 22 2006

       It could work provided that it was baked in a special pan that divided the slices during the process. Hypothetically if you were to slice the dough or the entire uncooked pizza prior to putting it in the oven, everything would fuse back together while it was cooking.
Jscotty, Oct 22 2006

       A special pan might help it. In reply to [sqfoofs], I think this is referring to frozen pizza that you buy from a supermarket, then cook in your own oven. Delivered/Take-out pizzas never come with exactly 7 slices though, that would be cool!
iain, Oct 22 2006

       sp. cinch   

       Depending upon how much cheese you put on your pizza, simply having a tear-away crust won't solve the problem. The topping must also be tear-away to prevent the dreaded topping loss. That's primarily why you have that specialized cutter (unless you actually do hire a specialist for the task).   

       [Jscotty] is correct. Even if it was scored or pre-sliced, a proper pizza dough would meld back together during baking. A sectioned pan would do the trick nicely, but you'd end up with 6 or 8 (or 7) individual little pizzas which would kind of defeat the purpose. And drive the cost way up, because all those pans with all those little sections would be a b*tch to clean up.   

       And that raises another question. If you did make these sectioned pizza pans what shape would the sections be? Traditional thinking says triangular, but methinks this could be a whole 'nother idea - custom-shaped pizzas.
Canuck, Oct 22 2006

       //Pizzas - possibly the best thing to come out of Italy//   

       I don't mean to sound pedant, but you are not talking about pizza here. You're talking about the "stuff" we get from Domino's and all those crappy american take away "restaurants" that named their product after an italian mangiare because they liked the word or something. First of all, the REAL italian pizza isn't even meant to be eaten in slices because:   

       1) You're not supposed to share it (each person gets its own). 2) To eat your pizza, you're given a fork and a knife.   

       I have nothing against the american version, I just don't think it should be compared with the real thing. Also, for all americans: You shouldn't put ketchup, mayonaise or ANYTHING on your "pizza", but if you still feel like ruining your food, it's good that you do it at home, NEVER in restaurants outside your country. It's rude to gross people out while they're eating, you know. :p   

       You have my bun because I think this idea is good for outside italy "pizza".
Pericles, Oct 23 2006

       Pericles - Nice annoying anti american rant. I do agree with authenticity, there is nothing like the real thing. However, modification of pizza to suit one's personal likes is not rude or disgusting.   

       As to the idea...How do you perforate melted cheese? And why do you think having to cut pizza is such a burden? A pizza cutter, in the right hands, works just fine.
Chefboyrbored, Oct 23 2006

       Cut your pizza with scissors. Efficient, fast, simple, custom-sized-and-shaped slice option, no risk of cutting through the pizza box (or your plate) with overzealous use of a pizza cutter, and no loss of toppings. But generally, I agree with EDIT: [Pericles]. (A little name mixup, sorry.)
Veho, Oct 23 2006

       This is no good because you have to "cut the cheese" as well as the bread in order to slice a pizza. Otherwise, as [Canuck] says, there is topping loss.
phundug, Oct 23 2006

       Yikes! I thought my original anno had somehow been un-erased when I started reading what Pericles wrote. I changed my anno after I realized I was ranting and went with the kinder, gentler version you see above.   

       But I still agree about the "pizza" principle. Italian pizza and (North) American pizza are as different as jazz and hip-hop, and there are no rules saying one is better than the other.   

       [phundug], if you want to make a pizza, first you have to cut the cheese. What I want to know is when is someone going to invent a decent, affordable pizza-cutting laser?
Canuck, Oct 24 2006

po, Oct 24 2006

       How about thinning sections of the base to make them crisper than the rest.   

       If you took an implement like a pizza wheel but replaced the blade with a ball you could roll it across the base (already on baking tray) in the required pattern (6 slices, 8 slices etc.) just before topping and baking. By pressing down hard enough, the rolled lines would become very thin and would then provide weak spots in the baked pizza to help sections break off more easily. There's still the cheese problem though.
squeak, Oct 24 2006

       Just to be clear, this idea was supposed to be for a frozen pizza brand: using some sort of method similar to [squeak]'s suggestion. As for the eternal cheese problem, I'm gonna guess a simple lift upwards as you take the pizza away should (mostly) solve the problem, in the same way it (mostly) does for the takeaway option...   

       'Why not use a pizza cutter'? Well 'why not use a bread knife for bread'? Cos some genius thought of sliced bread: don't pizzas deserve the same treatment?
mark_davo, Oct 24 2006

       // 'Why not use a pizza cutter'? //   

       That would defeat the purpose of this invention. The idea here is to be able to select the size or number of slices at will. Just like you can break a cracker the author is suggesting that the same should be possible with a pizza.
Jscotty, Oct 24 2006

       // 'Why not use a pizza cutter'? //   

       That would defeat the purpose of this invention. The idea here is to be able to select the size or number of slices at will. Just like you can break a cracker the author is suggesting that the same should be possible with a pizza.
Jscotty, Oct 24 2006

       I have a suggestion: Don't cut the pizza.. roll it up and eat it all by yourself. Sharing is for wimps...
MoreCowbell, Oct 25 2006


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