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True Bagel Pizza hybrid

Boiled baked sauced cheesed bread.
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Equipment: Oven, pot, baking pan, hot air, boiling water, kitchen spider.

Ingredients: Bagel dough, pizza sauce, cheese.

Put the hot air into the oven, the boiling water into the pot, separate the bagel dough into portions, and shape the portions into flat discs with raised edges.

Put the dough disks into the water for a period of time, then use the spider to move them to the baking pan.

Apply sauce and cheese to each disk, then put the pan in the oven until baked.

Note that this is not a recipe, as that would require measurements and temperatures and cooking times.

Also note, that while some heathens believe that a bagel is nothing more than a roll with a hole in it, this is not so: the boiling of the dough before baking is fundamental to getting the taste and texture correct, and the hole is optional.

goldbb, Jun 05 2016


       I just want to know what kind of container one must have, to transport the hot air into the oven? Does one hold it in one's hand? Does one hold it in one's mouth, then blow into oven? Details. Don't assume I know how to do these things, please.
blissmiss, Jun 05 2016

       How is this different from using pre-made bagles? Or is that the joke?
Voice, Jun 05 2016


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