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Topographic Pizza

Add a third dimension with a side of geology to your pizza
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A pizza baked on a ceramic, stone, metal or even bread dough platter shaped to USGS measurements of various areas around the world. See ricotta topped mountains and rivers of tomato sauce, broccoli forests, meatball cliffs and mushroom dry lake beds. Toppings to represent stratta of different minerals while the crust represents...the crust. Education runs wild as possibilities are endless and the learning is edible.

"I'd have to eat how many slices of burger topped pizza to be able to find a one carat diamond?"

Or even, show investors your proposed housing developement over lunch. They will definately pay attention to it.

sartep, May 18 2004

Is this a map, a pizza or a puzzle? http://www.hotweb.o...g/fran_illust01.gif
those weird Japanese! [k_sra, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

deep dish http://www.iag.ntou...ages/topography.jpg
[k_sra, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Deep panoramic pizza.
FarmerJohn, May 18 2004

       anything to make geology/geography more palatable!
dentworth, May 18 2004

       [sartep] tis lovely. The crust of the pizza would have to be enormously thin in comparison to the bready (mantle) mass.   

       Indeed, all the toppings combined would only represent .5% of the total thickness of the pizza.   

       I'm a little worried that it'll be scientifically brilliant, but no epicurean delight.
jonthegeologist, May 18 2004

       [sartep], what about the oceans? Is there a blue topping which you would eat? I can't think of one...   

       You could also theme the pizzas according to the area they represent - asian food for asian landmass, french for the pyrennese etc (excuse the spelling).   

       I suspect the pizza-map of Austrailia would be popular with BBQ toppings left right and centre, probably with a giant tomato for Ayres rock!
dobtabulous, May 18 2004

       So this is a spherical pizza?
k_sra, May 18 2004

       [K-sy] in this case I am suggesting a flattened sphere or a pizza that would represent something the size of Yellowstone National Park. Some one else can suggest a spherical pizza, I won't take up extra idea mana.

[dobtabulous] you could use seafood or blue food coloring take your pick.

[jonthegeologist] the pizzas can be made to accomodate you, I had you in mind when I was thinking of this for accuracy. Some pizzas come crustless (or in other words with out that ring of dough around the pizza since there is still crust on the bottom.) That small amount of crust just eeking past the cheese could represent the actual crust for the earth, while you get other toppings to represent the mantle, inner and outer core. You could even include the 200 mile wide unknown mass in the mantle and arrange scallions to show the magnetic poles.

       For smaller land masses like say a national park or small plates of crust you could have the crust on the bottom of the pizza represent the end of the crust and the toppings represent the rocky layers or the landscape depending on what you want to show or teach, or how large a land mass you want to represent.   

       For you I would create a philo dough pizza with seafood in the different layers and cheese to represent a limestone layer on top.
sartep, May 18 2004

       Mmmmm. +
Letsbuildafort, May 18 2004

       I think I'll order a Northern Arizona terrain pizza - with broccoli on the Kiabab and layers of pepperoni, swiss cheese, and canadian bacon for the canyon.   

       Allright, kids, if you want this slice, just name the formation represented by the pineapple!
lurch, May 18 2004

       Help wanted: Adventurous cartographers wanted
for new local pizza chain. Must have
clean driving record, drug test, own tools.
Mileage paid and benefits after 6 months.
Ask for Dan. Please leave message after 8pm
555-DUDE (3833).
Letsbuildafort, May 18 2004

       I think the Northern Arizona region would be better demonstrated with a lasagne or layer cake....   

       [sartep] I suspect your idea might get baked (in a literal sense) in the [hazel]-[jtg] house. We have a big geological map of the local area hanging up in the lounge so it should be easy to represent a section of it through the gift of pizza
hazel, May 18 2004

       I think cooking all the way through [see link2] would be an issue for mountainous regions. Not to mention that pre-cooked and post-cooked pizzas would have significantly different topography, so accuracy becomes an issue... Sarty.
k_sra, May 18 2004

       Pizza. Mmm mmm good! +
DesertFox, May 18 2004

       [jtg]--Put "NOT TO SCALE" on the box, then you can exaggerate or minimize toppings. I'd be willing to sacrifice precision for extra cheese.
lintkeeper2, May 18 2004

       [Hazel-jtg] If you bake it take a picture of it. I'll host it and link to it.   

       [LBAF] Think of the advertising and intimidation possibilities with what you said. Imagine a person being approached while on the job in a field with equipment.   

       "Whatcha doing?"   

       -"Oh, taking some measurements...for a pizza."   

       "Damn, that's gonna be big!"   

       [k_sra] Thanks for the links. You are correct, but I suspect that loaf sized burgers may help.   

       However, the longer you fuss over the accuracy the fewer slices that will be left. If you ask politely, I could save you this slice by Lake Erie.
sartep, May 18 2004

       hmmm. one calzone volcano please [sartep].
neilp, May 19 2004

       //slice by Lake Erie//   

       <shudder> No, thank you! </s> Besides, I don't know how to "ask politely." : P
k_sra, May 19 2004

       "Waiter! There's a fault in my pizza"
hippo, May 19 2004

       Whose fault is that?
lintkeeper2, May 19 2004

       I want a Ringworld version...
Don Quixote, May 20 2004

       i'm honoured that [sartep] was thinking of me with this geological based delight. splendid. me thinks we'll have to make one.
jonthegeologist, May 20 2004

       Next up: psyche pizza. different toppings for different neuroses, and the subconscious sauce would never be quite what you expected!
igirl, May 20 2004

       ah, welcome back [ig].
neilp, May 20 2004

       Take a picture, [jon] :) (Of the pizza.)
Detly, May 20 2004

       Yes, [jtg], I might as well come clean. Not too many people know this but I am a closet geologist. I have taken classes, I have many books and I have a rock collecting habit greater than the drug habit of a small art college. It's hard to drive when there is a cliff face or a riverbed near by. I know where my closest lava tube is.   

       [Don Quixote] I'll make a ringworld pizza if you help me by putting your fist through it.
sartep, May 21 2004

       "Right, here goes...WHAM...OUCH...yikes, what is this crust made of, anyway?"   

       If a Ringworld pizza is hit by Lucifer's Hammer, would you get hot fudge sauce in the Eye of God?
Don Quixote, May 21 2004

       A seafood lagoon with cheese atolls to go. Ta.
cromagnon, May 21 2004

       <Shonagon53> is there something we should know about you?
whatastrangeperson, May 22 2004

       I'm giving you a big plus for this - I love it - surprised it did not score more - but this must happen a lot on Bakery site, for various reasons.
xenzag, Oct 28 2005

       I'd have thought Mr Pratchett's creation would be better for this, minus the elephants and turtle. I'll pass on the slice that has Ankh-Morpork, though. (Or maybe that's how it could best be represented?)
egbert, Oct 28 2005


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