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Voodoo Drinking Buddy

A little friend to do the drinking for you
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Alcohol is expensive. Think of how envious others will be when you rock up to the bar and buy one drink and simply soak your voodoo drinking buddy in the glass for the whole night both of you getting riotously drunk just for the price of that one drink. When you wish to sober up simply rinse him under the tap and wring him dry. Brilliant!
Captain_Ignorant, Dec 02 2003


       <disclaimer> belief in voodoo required for this product to function as advertised. </disclaimer>   

       on the plus side, any product failure can be blamed on the sucker... I mean user.
ato_de, Dec 02 2003

       Cheating the other sucker, and passing the savings directly on to you!
Letsbuildafort, Dec 02 2003

       But you're only going to have a good time if there is a voodoo barbie in the bar.
max_pants, Dec 02 2003

       Great idea and ploy. +
sartep, Dec 03 2003

       That wringing dry part sounds painful. All your internal organs would be turned to jelly. Worse than a hangover.
mystic2311, Dec 03 2003

       Yeah, and don't be drinkin' no flaming zambuca either.
squeak, Dec 03 2003

       Don't drop him down the lav by mistake!
dobtabulous, Dec 03 2003

       Nice idea but you'd have to keep him secure 24/7. You wouldn't want him falling into the wrong hands.
DrBob, Dec 03 2003

       Nice idea! that would make a night out on the town so much cheaper. it might look like a huge floaty in your drink though!! :)
kinkysigma, Jun 11 2004

       i love getting as much as the next guy, but alcohol is too damn expensive, so if one drink equals one night of ballsy good fun, i'd buy a voodoo buddy, though that'd be dangerous considering how many people i wouldn't want handling my "mini me" ^_^
Urban Kayaker, Jun 13 2004


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