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Zombie Shoes

They have no soles!
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These are shoes for people who love being barefoot... to an extent. There are lots of people out there who like walking around barefoot because they like the feel of the ground on their bare feet, but wear shoes while out-and-about because they hate getting their toes stepped on, as well as getting stubbed toes. They also feel self-conscious about being stared at and barred from establishments by those who don't understand. So this idea is for them.

These are custom-fitted, hard-toe shoes with no soles. They have a rigid outsole, which is custom-molded to their bare feet. The shoes are prevented from flapping by a pair of flat, narrow leather bands, one under the base of the toes, and the other under the arch of the foot. the bands protrude from the top and are tied like laces, thus being adjustable for maximum comfort, and removable for those who wish to forgo the laces. The great thing about them is that barefooters can wear them into places that would normally ban them because nobody can tell, without getting a good look at the bottoms of their feet, that they are, indeed, barefoot.

21 Quest, Aug 29 2009

NOT like these http://www.shoewawa...on_the_catwalk.html
[21 Quest, Aug 29 2009, last modified Jan 25 2015]

Or these http://www.pinkgyps...m/barefoot-sandals/
[21 Quest, Aug 29 2009, last modified Jan 25 2015]

Yes, many moons ago the zombies walked with our ancestors. http://farm1.static...71.jpg?v=1234224340
Why do you ask Twodogsfornicating? [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 30 2009, last modified Jan 25 2015]

In a story. http://books.google...0bottoms%22&f=false
[daseva, Sep 01 2009, last modified Jan 25 2015]

Someone did it! https://www.ebaumsw...1B92FZcvLsO2xm56Gsc
[21 Quest, Feb 03 2024]


       [+] for best post I've seen in awhile.
FlyingToaster, Aug 29 2009

       If I ever decide to bake this, your first pair is on the house, good Baker.
21 Quest, Aug 29 2009

       Similar, yes, but socks get wet, dirty, and torn.
21 Quest, Aug 29 2009

       and would be just as good as a soft-sole.
FlyingToaster, Aug 29 2009

       Which is more than true barefooters like.
21 Quest, Aug 29 2009

       if you wanted to max out the design: a steel cage painted to look like leather, complete with sole outline: would look like you were wearing sandals.
FlyingToaster, Aug 30 2009

       Indeed it could... indeed it could. I hadn't thought of applying it to sandals.
21 Quest, Aug 30 2009

       I have gaged my own foot and it won't tire out lifting a downward-sprung steel toe when the shoe is lifted up. With it the wearer could dispose off permanently the lace under the base of the toes because the leaf spring prevent flapping up. BTW, does it have an option to slip on the stow-away soles tightly when we go outdoors?
rotary, Aug 30 2009

       Sure, I don't see why not. That would also be useful in winter. There's another idea in the Hi-tech: sole category called Removable Sole Shoes that does that, but it doesn't leave the feet bare. It has a //soft, thin, but waterproof mini-sole on the remaining part of the shoe//.
21 Quest, Aug 30 2009

       This is Baked as a Chindogu.
8th of 7, Aug 30 2009

       // shoes were made for running //

       But what if you want boots made for walking ?
8th of 7, Aug 30 2009

       Okay, I am a dedicated barefooter, and I have to say I would not like these. I need to feel the grass come up between my toes, and I like to *see* the mud sludge up between them, when playing in dirt as well.

       When skipping in puddles I like the way the top of my foot feels when I hold it slanted against the puddle, and kick water up on other people.

       I guess I like the full bare experience. I would continue to just put regular shoes on, when I have to, to placate those who don't get the joy of not.
blissmiss, Aug 30 2009

       Fair enough, Bliss, fair enough... but with Zombie Shoes you wouldn't *have* to placate anyone. And 8th, I've seen some pretty wacked out Chindogu ideas (my favorite is the inner tube with the waders attached to the bottom), but I've not seen this one. Could you post a link?
21 Quest, Aug 30 2009

       That's a neat link, 2 fries. Add a custom-molded outsole, a hardened toe, and adjustable leather bands and you've got my idea.
21 Quest, Aug 30 2009

       I like to wear these shoes with my Zombie Pants. The nice thing about the Zombie Pants is that they can unzombie with a quick zip. In fact they are my regular pants. But gone Zombie!


       with the understanding that zombies let bits of themselves hang in the breeze unfettered by clothing, which is something I had not previously realized. I would have called these Commando Shoes, since it well known that commandos often go commando during special special ops.
bungston, Aug 31 2009

       Because the bottoms get dirty, wet, and ripped and look trashy, and your toes still are not protected from stepping and stubbing, and would get exposed everytime you sat down, thus blowing your cover.
21 Quest, Aug 31 2009

       I'm sorry, but if you're ready to get a nail put through your foot then I really don't see how stubbing is such a big issue. This is an idea for psychotics. Which is fine.
daseva, Sep 01 2009

       Times like this I wish I had cartoonin' skills:

       ('couple of businessmen walking along, deep in conversation; after walking through a puddle, guy in normal shoes staring back wide-eyed at the other guy's footprints, guy in zombie shoes with a little smile on his face)
FlyingToaster, Sep 02 2009

       Where's Hob when we need 'im? 'Cuz that's funny as hell.
21 Quest, Sep 02 2009

       Missed this first time round +
xenzag, Feb 03 2024


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