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Toilet Light

No more guessing in the dark...
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When I get up in the night for a pee I generally leave the light off so I don't wake the wife. Generally I hope I'm aiming in the right direction and am only releived when I hear the sound of pee on water as it were.

So the plan, 2 white LEDs located under the rim powered by a rechargeable battery so when the seat is raised the LED's light the way.

The batteries,by the way, are recharged by a solar panel built into the seat.

Micky Dread, Jul 15 2005

another night time idea Shepherd_27s_20Delight
a pre-crash solution to the same problem [neilp, Jul 15 2005]

Baked http://www.arkon.com/gadgets.html
Guess what it does? [Acme, Jul 15 2005]


       This is a brilliant idea, except for the solar panel. (Any sun directed towards our potty, is totally blocked by dustin's 10 foot wide ass, while he is enjoying his afternoon cocktail.)
Otherwise, a huge +, for helping women as well.
blissmiss, Jul 15 2005

       blimey, a considerate husband. there's a novelty.
po, Jul 15 2005

       nice one [K-Tron] could save a great deal of night time sitting (or gambling) depending on your stance.
neilp, Jul 15 2005

       Structured light reticle projected onto the porcelain for more precise piss positioning. Yay! [+]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 15 2005

       // blimey, a considerate husband. //   

       Yeah, but he calls her "the wife".
waugsqueke, Jul 15 2005

       Release your landing gear and aim for the lights.
skinflaps, Jul 15 2005

       You could improve this idea by adding several sensitivity points in the toilet that would light up when hit by the piss. And a score marker. Each of these points would be worth different points. You could get more points by actually hitting the water, but then it makes more noise, so you'd have to choose if you wanted to score higher or not wake the wife.
PauloSargaco, Jul 15 2005

       [skin] - Flaps down?
wagster, Jul 15 2005

       that's true, waugs
po, Jul 15 2005

       Suggested power source: rechargeable battery powered by a tiny turbine in the tank.
shapu, Jul 15 2005

       [+] if you add [shapu]'s power source
normzone, Jul 15 2005

       Not bad, but replace the LEDs with red ones. They won't ruin your night vision, and there are some things you just don't need to see in full color. It can be powered by a generator attatched to the seat.
Aq_Bi, Jul 15 2005

       Why is your wife sleeping in the bathroom?
Basepair, Jul 15 2005

       [not marked-for-deletion] Baked, and there are too many potty ideas floating around.
Acme, Jul 15 2005

       Harry or Dodd ?
skinflaps, Jul 16 2005

       Acme, 'baked' is not grounds for deletion.
waugsqueke, Jul 16 2005

       Two more potty ideas: Kneel on one knee in front of the toilet. Sit down to pee.
baconbrain, Jul 17 2005

       Really, waugs? I was under the impression from "Help" that baked == widely known to exist == grounds for deletion.
Acme, Jul 17 2005

       I didn't know it existed, though. I changed my mind about the idea after seeing the pic on your link. It does seem to be clever.
Zimmy, Jul 17 2005

       I'm sure I didn't know it existed. And I know just about everything, about nothing.
blissmiss, Jul 17 2005

       // baked == widely known to exist == grounds for deletion. //   

       No, that's wrong. Baked does not equal 'widely known to exist'. The latter is the mfd grounds, but the two are not the same.
waugsqueke, Jul 17 2005

       I've seen lots of toilet lights that attach to the cistern, but never one built in under the rim.   

       Its a logical solution, discreet, uses "trendy" LED technology.   

       This one I don't think is widely baked my fellow bakers...
Micky Dread, Jul 17 2005

       I think we should take a vote. All those who have heard of toilets with lighted rims, click the (-) button. All those who have not, click the (+) button. Viola, the answer to the "widely known to exist" quandry.
blissmiss, Jul 18 2005

       Please don't verbally redefine the meaning of the votes on an idea. They mean what they mean. Decision over what's widely known or not is up to the moderators.
jutta, Jul 29 2005

       Just a suggestion about the power source. Combine this illuminating idea with a heated seat design, then you just tap the LEDs into the power source for the heater. I don't have a "the wife", but I'd still use this.
Noexit, Jul 29 2005

       I get up at 3:00a during the school year, and the first visit of the day to the loo means either turning on the light or waiting until I get to work. Sometimes the second choice is not the best. I like this idea; a teeny generator in the hinge to charge a cap. for the LED is the finishing touch. [+]
elhigh, Aug 01 2005

       This is a cool idea, and you could have one of those blocks that go in the cistern, so that when you are actually pissing in the right direction, the colour of the water changes, usually because your pee is warm. Like hypercolour...   

       well done dread..
Supercruiser 5000, Sep 12 2005


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