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Thermite rocket plunger

Unclog your toilet with FIRE!
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This is a device to defeat stubborn toilet clogs, when a regular plunger won't work. After locking the toilet tank's flapper valve closed, you pull it out of the closet, seal the business end to the rim of the toilet, clamp it down, and push the button. This ignites a small solid rocket motor that is fueled partially by thermite, which results in pieces of molten metal being blasted through the clog, while the toilet bowl is pressurized by the gaseous exhaust (and steam), pushing the shredded and charred remains of the clog down the drain.

Not recommended for use on toilets with plastic drain pipes. Frequent use may result in failure of wax gasket between toilet and drain pipe.

notexactly, Mar 25 2015

or thermate? https://www.youtube...watch?v=ymFYBijuqJw
[pashute, Mar 29 2015]

Termite Rocket http://www.rocketpest.com/
[pashute, Mar 30 2015]


       A simpler way to deal with a stubborn clog involves a bucket of water. Hold the bucket about 4 feet above the water in the toilet bowl, and empty the bucket quickly into the toilet. The momentum of the falling water will usually bust the clog.
Vernon, Mar 25 2015

       Yes, but this sounds like the video would go viral and end up as a Mythbusters episode ...   

8th of 7, Mar 26 2015

       Wouldn't the bucket technique also splash quite a bit?
notexactly, Mar 26 2015

       <sound of bucket being filled>   

       <sound of bucket being emptied rapidly>   

8th of 7, Mar 26 2015

       Thermite = automatic +
DenholmRicshaw, Mar 26 2015

       [+] <confusion.... followed by increasing the font size a bit; ah, nothing to do with canines then: Vernon's anno looked particularly odd>
FlyingToaster, Mar 26 2015

       I don't see why this wouldn't defeat toilet dogs just as well as toilet clogs.   

       [FT], are you using a different font than the standard one for the site? Because the C and L look quite distinct to me (if I disable my userstyle).
notexactly, Mar 26 2015

       I usually have the font set large'ish (eyesight, I has none), but I've been futzing around with Windows 10 installs, so didn't get around to it, yet. I like the font we use, but there's a point (size) where it goes from "click" to "dick".
FlyingToaster, Mar 26 2015

       Hey there [FT] have you tried FLICKING the screen?
AusCan531, Mar 27 2015

       I haven't gotten around to working out the tablet-y stuff on my laptop, yet. It's pen-based so Flicks probably won't work right. Meanwhile Win10's boot manager trashed my almost-got-it-working the-way-I-like-it Win7 partition, so installing a Linux distro to referee is probably in the cards. (I use my computer mostly to play with my computer).   

       and ... oh ...
>_< ...
Droll, dude, very droll.
FlyingToaster, Mar 27 2015

       What do you get by crossing a fire ant and a termite?
pashute, Mar 29 2015


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