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Toilet Reader

bathroom storytime while you take care of business
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throw the book of your choice into the toilet, the toilet reads the book to you.
vfrackis, Dec 11 2009

Toilet Reader http://openlibrary....eader_Series_Book_I
Throw this one in. [skinflaps, Dec 11 2009]


       this is just poo
[m-f-d] for magic poo?
xandram, Dec 11 2009

       if the technology is available to make it not magic will that make it ok?   

       i still prefer that you write me a ticket policeman X   

       each book has an rfid tag that the computer in the toilet can read   

       seems to me that the Baby Booty Bakeware would then be MFD too you failed to describe how exactly the muffin tin would process and create muffins MAGIC
vfrackis, Dec 11 2009

       I don't approve of book burning or drowning them either...
po, Dec 11 2009

       OK. You use the book to wipe, page by page. It's printed with magnetic ink and you stick it through a shredder which reads the text just before it's destroyed. It then reads it aloud to you.
nineteenthly, Dec 11 2009

       Please elaborate! Need more details.
outloud, Dec 11 2009


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