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Toilet Punch Bowl

A novelty punch bowl that your friends will talk about for years to come!
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At many alcohol induced parties, there are very creative themes and accessories that make things more fun. One problem with these parties is that there never seems to be enough punch in the bowl. The solution- The Toilet Punch Bowl. Take an ordinary bathroom commode, preferbly a NEW one and block off the bottom with a rubber stopper or some towels to block the punch from leaking through the bottom of the bowl. Fill both the bottom and top part of the toilet with your favorite concoction and then once your guests finish consuming the punch in the bowl, just simply "flush" the toilet for a fresh supply. Every time your punch bowl goes empty you always have a reserve supply in the tank.
Jscotty, Aug 30 2005

Johnny Ice Bucket http://www.dora-the...re/Toilet/Party.htm
They say you can use it as a punch bowl, but no reservoir. [Canuck, Aug 30 2005]

A Pre-emptive strike http://www.hindusta...416713,00180021.htm
Before [benfrost] suggests it, check this out. [Canuck, Aug 30 2005]

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Spike? Here boy! [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 31 2005]


       Perhaps if it were a slightly smaller version of an ordinary bathroom commode.
contracts, Aug 30 2005

       or you could route the bottom of the bowl back up to the tank and then your friends could "flush" it all they want and just circulate the punch. Or have the ice packs in the tank and you flush it periodically to keep it all cold. Bun for you!
babyhawk, Aug 30 2005

       And when little susie needs to puke, the first thing she will see in her drunken panic is the friendly shape of the bowl. I bun it cause you can never have enough places to puke back up what you just so eagerly downed.
Antegrity, Aug 30 2005

       Goes great with the novelty "colostomy bag chocolate pudding dispenser".   

       Bon appetite
doctorremulac3, Aug 31 2005

       My favorite drink on a hot summers day is an Ice cold "Thames Water" - Half Coke, Half OJ. Looks awful, but tastes like old Cola sweets(sic). That'd look great in this! [+]   

       I always get odd looks when I ask for this. My usual response when they ask (usually with a look of disdain on their fa(e)ces), "And, Erm, do you want ice in that?" is "Ahm, no, sprinkle on some tissue paper, an put a crushed Mars Bar in, please." :d
Dub, Aug 31 2005

       Despite this being a pretty juvenile idea about novelty drinking, I like it.
wagster, Aug 31 2005

       I'd buy one of these, just because it's weird.
finrod, Sep 01 2005

       wow, Dub. I have a friend that drinks that and I always thought she was crazy. I had never found anyone that even knew what it was much less actually drank it. :) I tried it once and it wasn't my cup of tea. But she loves it.
babyhawk, Sep 01 2005

       's very refreshing... but I always get odd looks, which is strange as I'm asking them to drink it!
Dub, Sep 02 2005

       Hav'nt been here for a long time.Glad to see good ideas are still coming.Love it.
python, Sep 02 2005

       [Dub + bh]   

       Over here (germany) people drink a mix of coke and orange pop (orangeade) and call it Spezi (spaytsee). It is drunk in such vast quantities that you can buy it ready mixed. It looks pretty foul and, yup, tastes pretty foul too (although my fella loves the stuff).
squeak, Sep 02 2005


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