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scrolling bathroom floor

a Urinal Landing System alternative
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Rather than avoiding floor mess, dispose of it automatically. Urinals need not touch the floor. This means that the floor under each urinal could be made into an endless loop, "moving sidewalk" style. Pressure sensors determine when the last user has left; then the floor loop cycles 180°, and the new underside is dried thoroughly.
moonmoose, Mar 28 2001


       I suppose I should add the detail that the treadmill stops moving when the urinal is in use. Pressure sensors, remember? (Jeez, don't you people -read-?)
moonmoose, Mar 28 2001

       I feel sorry for the people downstairs.
DrBob, Mar 28 2001

       Do away with the urinal completely; scroll the wall continuously. Scroll the floor from time to time. However, this would be very expensive to implement, and the ROI would be negligible. Instead, sell beer, get people drunk to the point they don't care. Make money instead! Or, run a Scooba (see www.irobot.com), which is a robot that mops floors -- very affordable.
maheshvv, Mar 24 2007


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