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Water Hyacinth Toilet bowl keeper

absorbing residual waste, so you don't have to
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The water hyacinth, and I'm sure numerous other plants, snails, etc. are used to reduce and treat sewage in large ponds. Let's put that know how to work right at the source. A cage, made of small diameter wire or plastic, and attached to the inside of the toilet bowl with a small, short chain, would house a Water Hyacinth plant. Allowing it to freely float about, while guarding against the flush. The plant could absorb the residual waste and keep the bowl clean. Though, I admit, It might be a little weird to drop a deuce on a waiting plant.
hard-scrabble, Nov 18 2002

Eichhornia crassipes http://homepage.wes...an/www/hyacinfo.htm
perhaps the world's most troublesome aquatic weed [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]


       Interesting concept. How would the cage be..er..kept clean?
egbert, Nov 18 2002

       I'm thinking the plant would take care of the cage as well. Although, there would probably be a problem with the cage and paper.
hard-scrabble, Nov 18 2002

       The process takes some time, you know. One could go for a plant purifying facility in the back yard of apartment buildings, I presume, but that is less picturesque than what you suggest, and also might still cause problems of hygiene.
Gwenanda, Nov 18 2002

       Gwenanda, I was thinking of only treating what little residual waste is left in the bowl with this plant. All that is normally flushed would be treated in the traditional fashion. Although you may be right about the factor of time, even on this small amount. also I'm unsure of the actual size of these plants. Would they be small enough to even fit in the bowl?
hard-scrabble, Nov 18 2002

       They are sizable. I think the poop and paper would cause problems. For urinals, however, the "solution" is perfect.
bungston, Nov 18 2002

       [bungston], are you taking the piss ?
8th of 7, Nov 18 2002


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