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Vacuum Toilet Systems

How would it feel to have the fan in toilet rooms suck the foul air down?
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I have always wondered why the ventilation fans in toilet rooms are up in the ceiling. This means when they are started, they try to suck the foul air up, hence into our nostrils and you know the rest. Why not incorporate the fans in the fabrication of the toilet seat so that it sucks from below thereby protecting us from the unpleasant odour (albeit ours). Do you guys think I should patent the idea?
torontoGeek, Sep 30 2002


       That's similar to the way it's done on modern commercial aircraft. There's a fan in the floor, often in a cabinet under the sink. The vacuum toilet itself collects nearby aromas. I guess your idea keeps the standard toilet, though.   

       It's right at the source, and your idea gets it off the floor, which are both good. Reaching around in the toilet to change a fan, well, I'll let the landlord take care of it. Have a croissant (you might wanna wash it off a little).
Amos Kito, Sep 30 2002

       sophrocat, thats exactly what I meant.Thanks for your understanding. Austere, I was not trying to force the air out of the bowl neither am I interested in the mechanisms and other -isms. The basic idea is to get this damned fan to suck the air from below...I hope this helps with the clarification part...
torontoGeek, Sep 30 2002

       Vacuum Toilet Systems   

       Guys take a look at this toilet contraption from the UK www.airloo.com it was patented last year and has taken off in the UK very well.   

       The airloo sucks all the smells out of the bowl and either filters it or pushes it outside.   

aadean, Apr 27 2003

       And mark that for deletion too, I had one of these since 1988.
sartep, Sep 18 2003

       There are a number of them around the world - ours is http://www.odourvac.co.nz and has been around for 8 years or so. A patent search showed patent applications going back to 1947 in New Zealand. You can't feel the airflow (draughty nuts anyone :-) but you certianly know if it is not turned on Geoff Merryweather (Odourvac ventilation Systems
Geoffm, Nov 12 2003

       My system for the toilet ventilation seat is call "ODOR-VAC" and includes a portable vacuum unit that is attached to the toilet tank with hoses to the toilet seat and vent pipe or existing vent on the ceiling. Thank you. Justo@mail2jazz.com
justo, Jun 19 2004

       See Toilet Vent
-----, Nov 03 2004


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