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Toupee Fishing

This activity requires a good steady hand and the proper equipment to participate
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Take an ordinary fishing rod with a special hook that has been coated with rubber so as to minimise bleeding. Then find a sturdy ladder that is light enough to carry about the city while you are Toupee Fishing.

You will need to find an area where older men congregate, parks, office lunchrooms, business meetings etc are all ideal spots. Position your ladder behind a bush, pot plant, filing cabinet etc so as not to draw attention to yourself - climb it and wait.

With a bit of practice you can cast your line directly onto the toupee and reel it in quickly enough so that he won't know where it went.

Toupee fishing in my opinion has more rewards than trying to catch glasses or top hats, though it is always good to mix it up especially if there aren't many wigs about in your particular area.

benfrost, Oct 30 2004

(?) Gibbletoons: jigging for toupees. http://www.rudefun....rs/toupeefishin.gif
"Every Saturday night the twins would climb up on top of the seniors club and jig for toupees." [jutta, Oct 30 2004]

try this instead http://www.rudefun....ges/seniors/25.html
[benfrost, Oct 30 2004]

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       We used to play a game in maths classes called "Hole In Shum". The bloke who sat in front of me was named Shum, and all throughout lessons we'd roll up scraps of paper and try to land them in his (rather big) hair. It provided hours of relief from the tedium of school.
vigilante, Oct 30 2004

       i don't know how you found that link, it doesn't come up in the first 6 or any pages on my google search. i guess there's a different set of parameters for google.com.au than other areas?
benfrost, Oct 30 2004

       Take your fly rod and skip the ladder.   

       "You're fired"
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 30 2004

       Natural toupees are in decline in my area. Hence, it's all 'catch and release' around here.
jurist, Oct 31 2004


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