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weather wigs

Shaped like sun, clouds etc.
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These wigs can be used by weather forecasters to help deliver the daily message of what the weather will bring. They can also be used by people who wish to symbolize their internal mood of the day.

The sun, clouds and snow wigs should be self explanatory. The rain wig will look like simulated rain using fibre optics. The tornado, hurricane and tsunami wigs are the most complicated and will use tiny, mechanical moving parts that will be operated by a battery pack concealed in the wearer’s clothing.

Unfortunately, the sun wig might look akin to Lisa Simpson’s hair, or the Statue of Liberty, but one can use gel to shape the sun-rays any way they like.

I’m wearing a big cloud today.

xandram, Oct 13 2008


       Would the luxury versions have silver linings? [+]
coprocephalous, Oct 13 2008

       oohh, good idea [copro]!! I could use that today!
(Did you mean *tin-foil*?)
xandram, Oct 13 2008

       [UB] thanks for the correction. I guess I just wanted something with *waves*~~ a hair-pun!
xandram, Oct 13 2008

       Would you like your hair in a bun ?   

       How would you do fog ? One of those falling-vapour fountain things ?
8th of 7, Oct 13 2008

       hey, I forgot about fog! cool idea [8th]!
xandram, Oct 14 2008


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